Fantasy Sports Card Contest April 19th WINNERS

This one is over! Final points here

  • dbs23dbs (1595)
  • willnotfold (1027)
  • bsiek6 (915)
  • juliusjr (757)
  • jeng288 (647)
  • tlvincent (591)
  • Jeremy (522)
  • lori.vansanten (496)
  • CardBoardHeros (444)
  • Phinatic (406)


Parallel Category (any non auto non jersey card)
These points will be tallied on any break (free breaks excluded)

/199 -100 parallel or refractor = 1 pt
99-50 parallel or refractor = 2 pts
49-25 parallel or refractor = 3 pts
24-11 parallel or refractor = 4 pts
10-2 Parallel or refractor = 6 Pts
1/1 printing plate = 12 pts
1/1 non plate = 20 pts

Relic/ Jersey Category (non auto)
Points from category above will be added if applicable

Single color = 3 pts
Two Color = 4 pts
Three Color = 5 pts
Four or more colors =6 pts
Dual Player Relic = 5pts
Triple Player Relic = 8 pts
Quad Player or More = 15 Pts
Very Visible Dirt Stains = 5 Extra Points

Autograph Category 
Points from both categories above will be added of applicable

Sticker Auto = 4 pts
On Card Auto = 5 pts
Dual Auto = 12 Pts
Triple Auto = 16 pts
Quad or More = 20 pts
Memorabila Auto - 10 Pts (Helmet, Balls, Etc)

Book Card (Playbook Cases not applicable - Mixers OK) = 15 pts

Pull any Isiah Pead Hit (auto or jersey) get 3 Extra Points
Pull any Andrew Nicholson  Hit (NBA Magic) get 3 Extra Points
Pull any Andrew Heaney Hit (Marlins Rookie) get 3 Extra Points
Pull any Logan Couture Hit (Sharks NHL) get 5 Extra Points

The second contest will start 3/2 and end on 4/19 . All breaks on 3/2 and after will be counted towards the prizes. No prior breaks will be counted in.

These prizes can be chosen! 1st place can pick Bradshaw if they'd like or henrique.

******1st Place*********
2012 Mike Trout Auto 2012 Triple Threads Relic /99











******2nd Place********
2011 Five Star Terry Bradshaw On Card auto Relic /25










****3rd Place*******
2011-2012 Adam Henrique Dominion On Card Patch /60










*****4th Place*******
12-13 Absolute Kevin Love Auto Jersey /49











*****5th Place*****
Carmen Electra On Card 2012 Industry Summit Leaf Auto












6th Place
Kirk Cousins and David Wilson 2 Card Combo


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