2016 Honors Football Case Breaks

This is going to be off the charts! I urge anyone to go check out the checklist for themselves! This will have huge names and phenomenal once in a lifetime chase cards .  
Checklist HERE

Panini has made sure that this has names that appeases to everyone 
-24 Top Rookie Autos including - Zeke, Dak, Tyreek, Wentz, Goff and MORE

Huge "Originals" Chase Cards- 
These original cards will not be stamped and they are not reprints!
-2000 Contenders Tom Brady Auto 
-1998 Contenders Peyton Manning Auto
-2005 Contenders Aaron Rodgers Auto
-2004 Ben Roethlisberger Contenders Auto
-2007 Calvin Johnson Contenders Auto 

2016 Panini Honors Football 10 Box Case PYT Breaks (Every Team Represented)

Case #1 
Case #2
Case #3
Case #4
Case #5

2016 Honors Football 10 Box Case Random's 

3/1 Random Case 

2016 Honors Football 3 Case Player Auction