2017 National Sports Card Collectors WEEK!

Its that Time of Year again! The 2017 NSCC goes down from July 26-30th . Mojobreak.com will be your stop for all your breaking needs. We bring the  National to you! Our biggest giveaway of the year is during National Week! Any Break Marked NSCC will be entered in to win one of the prizes below! The more spots you buy the more entries you have for the giveaway! CLICK HERE if you are going to National 

The Drawing For winners will take place LIVE at 5:30 Pacific Time on August 2nd. Breaks will also include free silver packs as well! DOUBLE BONUS!

GRAND PRIZE : (Valued at $13k!)
All expense paid trip for one to 2018 National in Cleveland and Entry in with swag to 2018 Panini VIP Party! Includes domestic roundtrip airfare, 2 Night Stay, Entry in to National, and entry to the Panini Vip Party  . International Customers will have to pay difference on AIRFARE. 

1ST PRIZE - Sealed Case of 2017 Majestic Football - Ship Sealed
2nd PRIZE - $1000 Gift Card
3rd Prize -20 Box Case of 2015 Donruss Soccer - Ship Sealed 
4th Prize -50 Silver Packs Shipped Sealed

More Prizes TBA 40 Total Prizes! 

NSCC BREAKS (Even Though we will have a Booth Breaks will be Performed from Cali) LIVE ON YOUTUBE and USTREAM
This insures optimal viewing experience and process. NSCC Breaks will ship with the SILVER Packs Sealed. Silver packs are known to have Huge Hits and ROOKIE AUTOS! With Lonzo in here these should be huge this year!


THURSDAY JULY 27th Breaks (Buy Early to win bonuses!)
16' Black Gold Football Case Break RANDOM - 2 SILVERS 
17' Prestige NFL 6 Box Random - 3 SILVERS SOLD OUT
16-17 Spectra NBA 6 Box Case Random - 4 Silvers 
16 Rookies and Stars NFL - 3 Silvers 
16-17 Limited NBA 12 Box Case - 3 Silvers 
16-17 Select NBA 6 Box Random - 2 Silvers 

FRIDAY JULY 28th Breaks (Buy Early to win Bonuses!)
17 Prestige NFL 6 Box Random #2 -3 Silvers
17 Contenders Draft NFL - 2 Silvers 
17' Majestic NFL Case Random - 4 Silvers 
15-16 Replay NBA Case - 24.99 - 2 Silvers
16-17 Grand Reserve NBA 4 Box  - 2 Silvers 
17' Optic MLB Tiered  Case - 6 Silvers

SATURDAY JULY 29th Breaks (Buy Early to win Bonuses!)
16' Rookies and Stars NFL - 3 Silvers 
17 OPTIC MLB Case PYT - 1 Silver
16' Black Gold NFL Case #2 - 2 Silvers
16-17 OPTIC NBA Case - 2 SILVERS