2018 Super Bowl Squares










Win a $2500 gift card with our Super Bowl Squares promo. Look for breaks with SB in title to qualify and get a spot. We will be filling up 10-15 Super Bowl Square lists. 

Here are the Prizes for Each Super Bowl Square Grid Sheet 
Super Bowl Squares Game Explained HERE 

1st Quarter - OPTIC NFL BOX
2nd Quarter - $75 Credit 
3rd Quarter - Contenders NFL Box 
Final Score* - Entry to win $2500 Gift Card 
(We go by Final Score. If goes into OT 4th quarter score doesn't apply)

Once the Final Score winners are tallied we will then go to random.org to decide who wins
If you dont win the $2500 you will get $50 in Break Credit 

Grids will be decided VIA Random.org before game. Book mark this page to find all grids.


Squares #12 (Vertex #2) 




Squares #11 (Rest of unop, Immacul MLB,30 Box MLB, 20 Random Winners)





Squares #10 (rest of 100 box, status #2, contenders 2/3, Impeccable nba, part of leaf un)




Squares Grid #9 (rest of limited#5, Status #1, vertex #1, part of 100 box)




Squares Grid #8 (Personals, 14' Totally Certifed, part of limited #5)



Squares Grid #7 (Prizm/Chron #2, Personals Partial)





Squares Grid #6 (prizm chron #1 rest of, Momentum #2, Contenders 1/31, limited #4, Macho from chron/prizm #2)




Squares Grid #5 (rest of chron mlb 1/28 , momentum #1, monday honors, some of prizm chron nba #1)
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Squares Grid #4 (Rest of Limited #3, NT MLB, Retro, optic/cont, few from chron mlb 1/28)





Square Grid #1 (Pantheon, Honors 40, Championship Boom, 10 From Playoff Special ( other 22 in #2)






SQUARES Grid #2 (Remaining Playoff, Gala 2016, Absolute 2016, Personals (few) ) 





SQUARES Grid #3 (Personals, Limited Random #1, #2 and Part of #3)