Mojo Exchange

Mojobreak knows how important is to get your cards on ebay as fast as possible. We are now offering next day EBAY consignment. All cards will be listed auction style at .99 for 5 days. 

Rules for submitting:
This form must be filled out by 11am Pacific the next day following your break IE if your break is broken monday you will need to submit by 11am Tuesday. We will then have your card listed by 5pm pacific that day. (Next business day after break). You will need to submit card title which we will use for listing title.

  • We only accept cards valued at $20 or more -we have the right to decline certain submitted cards (Please look at card sales or similar on ebay completed auctions)
  • If you are caught shill bidding (bidding on your own cards) you will no longer be able to use Mojo exchange 
  • We have the right to refuse any cards submitted
  • We are not accepting send in shipments at moment. Only cards pulled live will be able to be used.
  • Cards will be listed next business day (If Card is pulled on Friday it will be listed Monday) 
  • NEW Cash and credit payout structure - WE pay the EBAY FEES
    75% Cash 90% store credit on Cards that sell from 20$ to $250
    80% Cash 92% store credit on Cards that sell from $251 to $1000
    85% Cash 95% Store Credit on cards that sell over $1000
    Cards the go over $1500 will be paid out once we receive payment from ebay buyer . 


Sell your cards with us.

  • Please fill out one for each card you would like us to sell. If selling multiple cards please fill out a new form for each card

  • Full Name matching your name on mojobreak order 

  • Street w/ House number, City, State, Zip Code 

  • Provide order number

  • The Length of your Auction. If you choose Three day there will be a surcharge of $1. 

  • This is what we will use to list your card on ebay. Its advised to research similar cards on ebay for title examples.

  • Please review Fee Structure above 

  • If you use cash payout option please enter your paypal email here.

    By checking this box you agree to all terms on this page