A Group Breaker’s Commitment (and our guarantee)

James (@MojoMinnesota) here with an important reminder in light of recent events to hit the group breaking community.

As many of you already know, Mojobreak has years of trusted break experience. Why?  One of the reasons is because of our commitment to fair and transparent service to our customers. The easiest way to explain it is through a metaphor: group breaking through Mojobreak is like going to a card shop with all of your friends, picking a box (or case) off of the shelf, and opening it together, all at once.

One thing you will never, ever have to worry about with Mojobreak is how secure your break experience is. Our cases of sports cards are received directly from our distributors and opened for the first-and only-time during breaks live on our camera (this includes manufacturer seals and shrink wrap). Cards and other products for our weekly mixers come from these cases as well. Nothing has been tampered with or altered; products are presented to our customers exactly as the card manufacturer intends.

As we’ve seen, an increasing number of independent group breakers take unfair advantage of the secondary market, using tactics to mislead customers, boost sales, and sabotage the odds in their favor. And while product configuration, price points, and even break options may change over time, Mojobreak can guarantee that our commitment to providing transparent service to our customers endures. There is an inherent integrity that we stand for in this industry; we hope our reputation as group breakers speaks for itself.

In the coming weeks, I will personally be inviting many within our breaking community to provide their feedback on their experience with us, other breakers, and the hobby in general. We want to continue to be the best online breaking experience in the industry, and that can’t happen without hearing from everyone (on what they like and what should be changed or updated).

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