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Super Bowl Square Grids Final

Its back! With Super Bowl 50 just a few weeks away we are offering some amazing bonus prizes to our breaks! Look for certain breaks marked with Super Bowl squares. Each spot in break or each personal box purchased will get a Super Bowl square! Each Super Bowl square grid will consist of 100 spots . There will be a winner each quarter of them game (4 winners per grid) if your not familiar with how Super Bowl Squares work read HERE

Prizes for Each Grid

1st Quarter 15-16 Court Kings Box
2nd Quarter 15 Strata MLB Hobby Box
3rd Quarter $150 Gift Card
Final Score $100 & 15′ Contenders Case Entry*

* All final score winners (from each individual square sheet) will be put into and random’d three times to determine who wins case of 2015 Contenders Football

Grids will be determined using and done Friday night or Saturday before Super Bowl. Final grids will be posted here. All videos for random were done live. Videos are archived for viewing

SQ#1 Break: 14 Pastime BB Spots, Tek NFL #1, Legends and Prospects MLB 24 Box, SPGU HOCKEY
SQ #2 Breaks : Noir NBA, Finest/Exq Double Case, 2011 Prime Sigs, 13 Pastime BB Spots
SQ #3 Breaks : Tek NFL #2, Prime Exquisite NFL, Triple Case MLB, 16 Spots Chasing Cam Break
SQ #4 Breaks: Contenders 2011 #1, Flawless/Totally Cert, Museum/Signatures, Chasing Cam Remaining
SQ #5 Signatures Double (2011 and 2015), MLB 21 Box, Contenders 2011 #2 and Some Personal Spots
SQ#6 SB Boompalooza
SQ#7 Personal Boxes
SQ#8 Personal Boxes

Squares #1 Grid Click Picture to Open


Squares #2 Click picture to Open
Squares Grid #3 Click to open

Squares #4


Squares #5


Squares #6


Squares #7


Squares #8



SB Squares #2


1st Quarter – 150$ Hobby box of your choice
2nd Quarter –200$ Hobby box of your choice
3rd Quarter – 200$ Hobby box of your choice
Final Including OT ( Game goes to OT 4th Quarter End is NULL) – 500$ Mojo Gift Card!



2014 Superbowl Square Promo

To spice things up we are running a promo with superbowl squares! Every purchase of 50$ or more will end up in the random for a square. Top 100 Spots in the randomizer will receive a square! Purchases made from 1/28 – 2/1 will qualify. We will random all the numbers for the squares as well. We will post the photo of the squares here Superbowl Sunday Morning. If your order is 100$ you get two spots in the random so on and so forth.



1st Quarter – 2013 Prizm Football Hobby Box
2nd Quarter – 2 Boxes of Prizm Football Hobby
3rd Quarter – 2 Boxes of Prizm Football Hobby and 1 Box of 2013 Certified
4th Quarter or OT – 2013 Leaf Best of Football and 1 Box of 2013 Prizm Football Hobby

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