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2017 NSCC Gold Pack Bonanza – Schedule & Additional Details!

Hey, everyone! If you’ve grabbed a spot in our “NSCC Gold Pack Bonanza” taking place early Sunday, please be sure you’re made aware of the following important details. Haven’t grabbed a spot yet? Click the gold pack to reserve a place in line before we sell out of this sought-after item from the biggest card show of the year! (*while supplies last)






Now, then-on to the important details!

  • The break sequence for the first 50 + spots has already been determined, as of  7/26. Gold packs are opened based on the order number and the number of packs per order (either in single packs or 10 pack lots).
  • Gold Pack “master boxes” come to us directly from the VIP party, and the contents are not altered, shuffled, or changed in any way by Mojobreak.
  • The Gold Pack breaks will begin on the main Mojobreak channel at 1:30PM EST (10:30AM PST), then move to the MojoOnDemand channel at 3PM EST.
  • Gold Pack presales will be opened in groups of 10, from left to right, and the break videos will not be individually labeled by customer (each group of ten should take 15 minutes maximum). Look for your group video below to determine where your break will take place. These will be updated on Sunday night after the Gold Pack breaks are done. 
  • Personal boxes and remaining Gold Packs will be available after all presales have been opened. (Special bonus prize available for people who purchase at least one box and one gold pack!)
  • International customers: if you have placed an order for a group break at HQ that has not yet taken place, your gold pack(s) will be shipped back to HQ for tandem shipping. If you have not placed an order for a group break, we will ship as quickly as possible directly from MojoMaryland.
  • Bonus NSCC silver packs (if applicable) will be shipped sealed alongside your gold packs. 
    Video A Break Order MB Order # Customer Name # of Gold Packs # of Silver Packs (presale bonus, shipped sealed)
    1st 323172   Ben A. 1 1
    2nd 323257   Ian M. 10 13
    3rd 323337   Julius J. 1 1
    4th 323349   Brian G. 10 13
    5th 323350   Adam G. 3 3
    6th 323356   Cody C. 10 13
    7th 323361   Ryan J. 1 1
    8th 323412   David H. 5 5
    9th 323414   David H. 5 5
    10th 323464   Matthew N. 1 1
    Video B Break Order MB Order # Customer Name # of Gold Packs # of Silver Packs (presale bonus, shipped sealed)
    1st 323811   Ryan W. 1 1
    2nd 324132   Eric H. 1 1
    3rd 324224   Christopher G. 1 1
    4th 324247   Michael M. 10 13
    5th 324826   David D. 10 13
    6th 324893   Nathan A. 10 13
    7th 325002   Jason A. 10 13
    8th 325169   Jason A. 20 26
    9th 325172   Chris W. 4 4
    10th 325199   Jason K. 1 1
    Video C Break Order MB Order # Customer Name # of Gold Packs # of Silver Packs (presale bonus, shipped sealed)
    1st 325202   Elmore J. 1 1
    2nd 325483   Dylan J. 1 1
    3rd 345485   Richard B. 1 1
    4th 325570   Jimmy V. 1 1
    5th 325707   Arni J. 1 1
    6th 325632   Jason A. 20  
    7th 325707   Andrew L. 10  
    8th 325984   Jacob W. 1  
    9th 326047   David D. 10  
    10th 326073   Cameron R. 2  
    Video D Break Order MB Order # Customer Name # of Gold Packs  
    1st 326158   Deon T. 10  
    2nd 326260   Jan W 1  
    3rd 326295   Skyy P. 10  
    4th 326400   Ken S. 1  
    5th 326680   David F. 1  
    6th 326848   Travis J. 4  
    7th 326856   Chris W. 1  
    8th 326860   Jeff F. 1  
    9th 326865   Perry W. 1  
    10th 326875   Brad M. 1  
    Video E Break Order MB Order # Customer Name # of Gold Packs  
    1st 326914   Brice K. 2  
    2nd 326923   John P. 4  
    3rd 327028   Ryan O’C. 1  
    4th 327127   David D. 10  
    5th 327131   Hari R. 1  
    6th 327246   Shirley P. 1  
    7th 327786   Shirley 1  
    8th 327793   Christopher H. 10  
    9th 327822   John 1  
    10th 327848   Jason 1  
    Video F Break Order MB Order # Customer Name # of Gold Packs  
    1st 327850   Troy 1  
    2nd 327856   Marvin 1  
    3rd 327858   John 1  
    4th 327860   Cameron 10  
    5th 327913   William 1  
    6th 327944   Adam W. 10  
    7th 327973   John W 1  
    8th 328048   David 1  
    9th 328124   Brett 4  
    10th 328127   Sã©Bastien 2  
    Video G Break Order MB Order # Customer Name # of Gold Packs  
    1st 325331   Henry 2  
    2nd 328129   Jeff 2  
    3rd 328130   Paul 1  
    4th 328131   Nick 1  
    5th 328132   Nicolas 1  
    6th 328133   John 10  
    7th 328135   David 1  
    8th 328145   Phillip 1  
    9th 328147   William 10  
    10th 328150   Paul 1  
    Video H Break Order MB Order # Customer Name # of Gold Packs  
    1st 328154   Chris 2  
    2nd 328155   Andrew 1  
    3rd 328156   David 2  
    4th 328158   Cody 3  
    5th 328160   Mike 1  
    6th 328163   David 2  
    7th 328165   Jimmy 1  
    8th 328170   Jimmy 1  
    9th 328166   Mike 10  
    10th 328167   Jordan 1  
    Video I Break Order MB Order # Customer Name # of Gold Packs  
    1st 328169   Christian 3  
    2nd 328170   Jimmy V. 1  
    3rd 328173   Timothy 1  
    4th 328174   Steve 1  
    5th 328175   Travis 1  
    6th 328177   Vic 1  
    7th 328179   Michael 1  
    8th 328188   Patrick 10  
    9th 328192   Jeff 1  

The “Wheel of Mojo” Returns!


Announcing the Wheel of Mojo promo, exclusive to MojoOnDemand (MojoMinnesota) and beginning Monday, June 5th!

At the beginning of every Mojo On Demand broadcast, a dice roll will determine how many spins of the Wheel of Mojo will be awarded during Bonus Time at the end of the broadcast (from 2 to 12 spins per day). We’ll advertise the number of spins throughout the broadcast! And every individual box ordered from Mojo On Demand (MojoMinnesota location only) qualifies customers for an entry into the daily randomizer during Bonus Time. Box Battles, Hit Splits, and Pack Attack spots all qualify! And free spots into the Bonus Time giveawaywill be given away at random too! 

 There are three types of bonus prizes available for all Wheel winners:

Free Pack(s), Mystery Hit(s), and MOD Giveaway entries.

 If you win pack(s) or mystery hit(s), we’ll ship these hobby packs as sealed with regular orders. Weekly and monthly sweepstakes prizes are awarded randomly during Bonus Time on Fridays (and at the last Friday of the month), based on all eligible entries received and prizes remaining in inventory.

All non-winning Weekly Sweepstakes entries will be entered into a consolation hobby box, awarded during the last Bonus Time of the Month.

You do not need to be present to participate or to win a prize.

Don’t wait! Join the fun today! Click here for personal boxes!

Questions? Comments? Please contact

Important! MojoOnDemand Updates (effective 11/11/2016)

Hey, everyone! It’s James (MojoMinnesota) with a couple of important changes and updates to the MojoOnDemand personal box service, effective Friday, 11/11/2016! Please review the below information carefully prior to ordering, and contact me directly if you have questions regarding these changes. You can e-mail me at!

  • Now broadcasting 4 days a week! I’ve added 3 hours on Saturday afternoons to the schedule. Wednesday evenings have been eliminated from the schedule in favor of group breaks of new releases! (However, we may add special days in the future for certain products.)
  • Now broadcasting later! The schedule will now take us to 12AM EST/9PM PST during Monday, Tuesday, and Friday nights!
  • Now shipping faster! Adjusting the MojoOnDemand schedule means that Monday and Tuesday orders ship by Wednesday, and Friday/Saturday orders ship by Sunday! Special considerations still given for busier days and base-heavy products.
  • New bonuses for participating! Be on the lookout for new, fun incentives in the works for cards and card prizes exclusive to MOD!

It’s also the return of the BOGO Box Break: Your chance to get two random teams in a premium box for a killer price! BOGO Box Breaks will be available every MojoOnDemand broadcast day with key hit-based products for all major sports! Links to the BOGO Box Break will be under “Personal Boxes” and also available on the main break page. (Due to the low price, we do not offer additional incentives if your spot(s) in a BOGO Box Break goes hitless.)

Additional terms and conditions that have been updated, effective 11/11/16:

  • Cases will no longer be opened on camera and checked in with MOD “checkin labels”. We found this step was adding additional time to processing and shipping incoming orders, and don’t want to add delays for people waiting for their box to break.
  • In addition, we will begin selecting your box at random by default. The only exception to this is if you are present in Mojobreak’s Ustream chat-you have the option of choosing your box based on the remaining boxes in inventory. We will make one outreach there within 5 minutes of the order being placed; if your name is called, you must provide your preference in Mojo Chat only; e-mails other than the initial order cannot be addressed until after the broadcast.
  • International orders will be subject to additional processing time. To reduce the cost of shipping, I will send all international orders (including UK and Canadian customers) to Mojo HQ on our designated shipping days. This ensures all of your cards/orders can be shipped together! (This information is subject to change.)

Ready to get started? Check our Upcoming Breaks Calendar here, and our personal box inventory (up to date) here!


Mojo Rewards Are BACK!

Another awesome incentive returns to this month: Mojo Rewards! 

All purchased breaks include a corresponding number of bonus points, which will accumulate over time and can be used in our “Mojo Rewards” section for a variety of BONUS items from Mojobreak! The items will change from time to time, and may include promotional packs (Overtime Hockey, Spring Fever, etc.), free break spots, and other bonus items!

Here are a few additional details to keep in mind for the revamped “Mojo Rewards” system:

  • You must be signed in to your MB account to check your current points balance. This information is also populated on your “My Account” page.
  • IMPORTANT: At this time, multiple quantities of the same item require separate orders to be placed. For example, if you wish to use 1500 points on 2 Spring Fever packs (750 points each) you must check out using two separate order numbers. You can complete orders with separate items (i.e. an Overtime pack and a Spring Fever pack); however a maximum quantity of 1 per order will apply.
  • All Mojo Rewards items are located at Mojo HQ in California, and may require an additional 3-5 business days from the time your order is placed to process. If points are used in “break spot” scenarios, additional time may be needed for the break to fill completely.
  • For points redeemed for break spots or sports card products, all videos will be archived/labeled on Mojobreak’s Ustream page; the regular guidelines for random group breaks will apply (including trades and multiple player randoms).
  • Mojo Rewards items are for promotional use only; no present or future monetary value is associated with any bonus items.

Any questions? Please contact us via Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail ( with the title “Mojo Rewards Question”.

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site! UA-32176496-1