Big Giveaway! Scary Amount of Prizes!

Every break that is broken from Thursday through Monday will qualify. At the end of each break we will do a random to determine a winner. That will guarantee you a prize. All the winners will then be thrown in to a random at end of last break on Monday to find out what they have won!

Grand Prize 
Sealed 16 Box Case of 18' Gold Label Baseball
1st Prize - Progressive Jackpot of Group Break Credit
Pot Starts at $250 - For Every 1/1 we pull during the time period we add $50 to jackpot! This thing could get huge!
2nd - 10 Box Case of 17-18 Synergy Hockey 
3rd - 2007 Exquisite NFL Box 
4th - 2018 Leaf Valiant Football Box 
5th - Signed 8x10 Pat Mahomes Rookie Signed 8x10 
6th- Tom Hanks Signed 8x10 Auto
7th - George Clooney 8x10 Aut0
8th - Shawn Kemp 8x10 Auto
9th - Scottie Pippen 8x10 Auto
10th - Allen Iverson 8x10 Auto
11th - Reggie Jackson 8x10 Auto
12th - 2018 Donruss Football Box 
13th - 2018 Donruss Football Box 
14th - 2018 Donruss Football Box 
15th - 2018 Donruss Football Box 
16th- 2018 Donruss Football Box 
17th - 2018 Donruss Football Box 
18th - 2018 Donruss Football Box 
19th - 2018 Donruss Football Box 
20th - 2018 Donruss Football Box 
21st - 2018 Donruss Football Box 
22nd - 2018 Gold Label Box
23rd -2018 Gold Label Box 
24th -2018 Gold Label Box 
25th -2018 Gold Label Box 
26th -2018 Gold Label Box 
27th -2018 Gold Label Box  

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