Epic week of Mojo Pulls! Did you get one?

As the end of 2012 draws closer card companies are pumping out products left and right in order to finish off there year with more profits. It seems like 5 products come out every week and products from last month seem like last year. This last week we busted cases of 2012 Topps Chrome Football, 2012 Topps Five Star Baseball, 2012 Panini Prime Signatures Football and our mixed product breaks. We had a pretty unbelievable run and got a lot of mojo for some great people.

Wednesday marked the release of one of the most anticipated Baseball releases ever. 2012 Five Star Baseball had people going "oooh" for months as Topps released news on it in may. Triple Threads was top shelf before at a retail price of 250$. Missing was the creme la creme. The caviar of the sport. Topps had a void to fill so out comes Five Star. The 500$ dollar price tag is excessive for most. Perfect group breaking product as it lets people get in at a fraction of the price point. The checklist for Five Star doesn't dissapoint. Big name Legends, All Stars and Stand out rookies. This isn't a set where you will get a Brad Peacock auto (sorry Brad but your auto only sells for a couple bucks). Early reviews has people mad at the fact that the cards are chipped and dinged on the edges. I don't offer any solution but merely and explanation. The cards touch a lot of hands before they get to you. Topps has to ship these out to the athlete (some will sign in person). The athlete then has to sign them all (obviously). Do you think they are handling these cards with the utmost care? I think some are. I can also see some of them leaving them on there kitchen table, having kids grab them, sitting on the couch with sandwich in hand signing, and playing frisbee with them. Then they have to pack them up and ship them back to Topps after they've signed them all. They are probably not experts in shipping cards. The 180 pt will get dinged. Nothing you can do  about it.

We busted two cases on wednesday. Really nice looking cards. We didn't get any sell sheet cards but we did hit some big names.  The Nolan Ryan to /15 was definitely a sweet pull! In the conversation for best pitcher of all time Nolan has some real collectability. Real cornerstone to anyones collection. We also hit a Clayton Kershaw Inscripiton /10! Clayton has a great young career and will continue to be the ace of the Dodgers pitching staff. We only got one rookie auto. We pulled a Yoenis Cespedes bat relic auto. We also pulled a Yoenis/Aroldis Book Redemption. Topping off the bigger hits we pulled the triple crown winner himself Miguel Cabrera bat auto /25

We then busted two separate random 15 box breaks of 2012 Panini Signatures Football. The set was a suprise! We really didn't expect much as last years product was kind of a dog. This set was great and has prompted me to get some more of it! Every box was even more epic. We started the break with a John Elway /5 in the first box. Then in second box came an epic three way pen pal auto of Andrew Luck, Trent

Richardson, and Justin Blackmon. The card went up in value this last weekend as Blackmon had a break out game. Three top rookies at each skill position. Really a nice looking card the normally can be found in National Treasures. We then went on to pull a 1/1 Fred Jackson plate auto, Jim Plunkett auto, 1/1 Danario Alexander plate auto, 1/1 Santonio Holmes Plate Auto and another Andrew Luck on card auto. The master case was great and I love the new format of 5 Count inner cases. Makes it more affordable and your bound to pull something sweet out of 5 boxes.


On Friday we busted 15 more boxes of 2012 Panini Prime Football (running our total to 45) , 2012 Topps Chrome and some mixed breaks. We pulled three RG3 autos in one day! Definitely a solid outing. Our case of 2012 Topps Chrome Football was absolutely filthy as we pulled a Military Auto of RG3 to 105 and a SP Variation auto of Mr. Andrew Luck. 800 dollars in Value on two cards! The second RG3 was in the 15 Box Break of 2012 Panini Prime Signatures and the third (no pun intended) was in our 5 Box Magnificent mixer. It was a 2012 Gridiron Gear pull out auto. The 5 Box Baseball mixer yielded a sweet Greg Maddux jersey auto /10. It was definitely a impressive run. Tons of value! Join us every Wednesday at 2:30 Pacific time on BLOGTV. Don't let the next epic one pass you by!