Fantasy Contest Winners! Round 5

The Points are in! Here are the winners! Congrats!

  • ap200 (1051)- Andrew Luck /15
  • jeng288 (960) – griffey auto
  • juliusjr (885)- Mike Schmidt
  • bpatterson (838)-Prizm Box
  • lori.vansanten (697)- Gift Card
  • rocco817 (670) – Grab Bag
  • frostee12 (547)
  • jdaddy76 (545)
  • cdminetti (509)
  • glowingorb (427)


In the spirit of adding some more fun to our breaks we’ve created this Fantasy Sports Card Contest. We will run monthly/bi-monthly promotions that award you points based on the cards you pull! We will have great prizes for top point totals. This will be based on all of our breaks random and team style. The point totals are seen below. We will have a leader board that we will update weekly. We will fine tune this as we go along to provide the most fun and entertaining group break experience!

ROUND 5 Will begin 10-1 and will run to 12-1
All points from prior rounds are clear and everyone starts with a clean slate!

NEW! Skunk in any random and get (4 points) doesn’t apply to team style 


Parallel Category (any non auto non jersey card)
These points will be tallied on any break (free breaks excluded)

/199 -100 parallel or refractor = 1 pt
99-50 parallel or refractor = 2 pts
49-25 parallel or refractor = 3 pts
24-11 parallel or refractor = 4 pts
10-2 Parallel or refractor = 6 Pts
1/1 printing plate = 12 pts
1/1 non plate = 20 pts

Relic/ Jersey Category (non auto)
Points from category above will be added if applicable

Single color = 3 pts
Two Color = 4 pts
Three Color = 5 pts
Four or more colors =6 pts
Dual Player Relic = 5pts
Triple Player Relic = 8 pts
Quad Player or More = 15 Pts
Very Visible Dirt Stains = 5 Extra Points

Autograph Category 
Points from both categories above will be added of applicable

Sticker Auto = 4 pts
On Card Auto = 5 pts
Dual Auto = 12 Pts
Triple Auto = 16 pts
Quad or More = 20 pts
Memorabila Auto – 10 Pts (Helmet, Balls, Etc)
Silver Pen – 5 points Extra
Gold Pen – 8 Points Extra
Red Pen – 10 Points Extra

Book Card (Playbook Cases not applicable – Mixers OK) = 15 pts

Pull any Tyler Wilson (auto or jersey) get 3 Extra Points
Pull any Marshon Brooks (NBA) get 3 Extra Points
Pull any Christian Yelich Hit (Marlins) get 3 Extra Points
Pull any Logan Couture Hit (Sharks NHL) get 5 Extra Points

These cards can be picked


Andrew Luck 2012 Rookie Auto From Topps Supreme 11/15













**********2nd place***********************

1999 UD Ken Griffey JR On Card Auto BGS 9 (Hard to grade)












***************3rd Place****************

2012 Triple Threads Mike Schmidt Bat Relic Auto 3/3










**********4th Place*****************

2013 Panini Prizm Baseball Sealed Box

2013pnprizmBB (1)













************5th Place***********************
2012 Prizm Doug Maritn Rookie Auto














***********6th Place*******************

2012-13 Preferred Book Lebron and Durant








*********7th Place**************************

Grab Bag of 2013 NSCC Cards


******8th Place********

$50 Mojobreak Gift Card

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