How it works

  1. Some of you that haven’t been in a group break before may have stumbled on to this site and went “what the heck is a group break?” Well it benefits the collector in many ways. First you can get a chance at the case hit for a fraction of the cost of the case, Second if you want to just collect your team you can without all the other useless base cards from teams you dont like (say your jets fan…you will get all the jets cards from the entire case). Cases can cost anywhere from 800-to a lot $

Here’s a step by step process of what and how a group break takes place

1.Buy a spot! (click on the buy a spot menu. Find a break you like and see if your teams available. If you want to read the description of the particular set click on the name and it will take you to a description (set hits, pictures, approx release date, break date). If your team is there select from the drop down menu and press “add to cart”



2. Check out (you can shop as much as you want an add as many break teams or spots in real time to your cart. Once your ready to check out you can click one of the check out buttons)


3. Payment – You will then be taken to a screen where you will fill out your info (shipping, billing) we accept paypal and credit card. We also have discount codes from time to time (listen to our podcast!) you can add them here

4.Reciept and Break date – You will receive a receipt detailing your purchase. Break dates depend on product release. Many of you know that with Topps and Panini product release dates may vary. cannot be responsible for delays in releases. Please check on release dates with manufacture for changes (many sites on the web with calendar of releases) We will try an update asap. Mojobreak will break product within a week of release. Some cases same day. We receive our product back east sometimes and being in california it takes up to 5 days to receive. Our in hand breaks (after product releases) will be done within two weeks of listing on the website.

5. Live Break place – You will be emailed to your paypal email or the email you provided with break time and date. Breaks are done on (make sure you follow us at Youtube to be notified when we are live). Case/boxes are opened live on Youtube . We only break from sealed cases and you will see the case being opened live as well. Being there live gives you the ultimate experience! You can interact with us and even possibly get into another break with the other live participants! In all of our breaks teams and names are read before boxes are opened. !




6.Uploaded to YouTube with people all over the country participating in the breaks we realize that not everyone can make the live event. Breaks are uploaded to our YouTube channel within Minutes of live break . Mojobreak’s Youtube Channel . You can also see the videos immediately

 7. Dual or Triples with multiple teams

We will use live to determine its owner. To avoid the random generator you will have to own 66% or more of the card. On any hits (Jersey’s or Auto’s) you have to own 66% of the card to avoid a random at end of break ( 2 out of 3 players). AS OF 1/3/22 are Random Rules have changed. We no longer random based on purchased spots. It is now equal to the card. Example if we pull a quad card with Bulls, Wizards, Raptors and Warriors on card the random would look like this pre random
It will look like this regardless of how many purchased spots you have . If a customer has 11 purchased spots in break he only gets name in once based on the team on card.


8. After Break – Please allow 3-7 business days for cards to leave our facility. We ship Usps and all your hits (jerseys, auto, low numbered) get put in penny sleeves, toploaders, and teambags. They (hits) then get shipped in bubble mailers first class. You will be notified via payment method with tracking number. Packages valued a little bit higher will be sent with signature confirmation required. In breaks where there are alot of base cards we will ship all the base cards out seperately in 100-200 count cardboard. So in large breaks you will recieve hits first and base a week after. Sorting sometimes takes ahwile!


Random breaks– We do about 4-10 random breaks per week (check schedule). Random breaks are where everyone pays the same amount and is random-ed off a team live. We typically will throw out or combine less desired teams. We do allow trading teams if your live in chat for about 5-10 minutes prior to break and after random.

Cards with no team – in random breaks if the thrown out teams get hits we will random those to the hitless teams. In products where they have cards that arent spoken for (paquiao) we will random those through the hitless teams if the card isnt spoken for (non sports and not sold as a seperate spot) and values 100$ or more (ebay value) we will random through everyone

if you still have questions dont hesitate to email us

Mojobreak UA-32176496-1