Important! MojoOnDemand Updates (effective 11/11/2016)

Hey, everyone! It’s James (MojoMinnesota) with a couple of important changes and updates to the MojoOnDemand personal box service, effective Friday, 11/11/2016! Please review the below information carefully prior to ordering, and contact me directly if you have questions regarding these changes. You can e-mail me at!

  • Now broadcasting 4 days a week! I’ve added 3 hours on Saturday afternoons to the schedule. Wednesday evenings have been eliminated from the schedule in favor of group breaks of new releases! (However, we may add special days in the future for certain products.)
  • Now broadcasting later! The schedule will now take us to 12AM EST/9PM PST during Monday, Tuesday, and Friday nights!
  • Now shipping faster! Adjusting the MojoOnDemand schedule means that Monday and Tuesday orders ship by Wednesday, and Friday/Saturday orders ship by Sunday! Special considerations still given for busier days and base-heavy products.
  • New bonuses for participating! Be on the lookout for new, fun incentives in the works for cards and card prizes exclusive to MOD!

It’s also the return of the BOGO Box Break: Your chance to get two random teams in a premium box for a killer price! BOGO Box Breaks will be available every MojoOnDemand broadcast day with key hit-based products for all major sports! Links to the BOGO Box Break will be under “Personal Boxes” and also available on the main break page. (Due to the low price, we do not offer additional incentives if your spot(s) in a BOGO Box Break goes hitless.)

Additional terms and conditions that have been updated, effective 11/11/16:

  • Cases will no longer be opened on camera and checked in with MOD “checkin labels”. We found this step was adding additional time to processing and shipping incoming orders, and don’t want to add delays for people waiting for their box to break.
  • In addition, we will begin selecting your box at random by default. The only exception to this is if you are present in Mojobreak’s Ustream chat-you have the option of choosing your box based on the remaining boxes in inventory. We will make one outreach there within 5 minutes of the order being placed; if your name is called, you must provide your preference in Mojo Chat only; e-mails other than the initial order cannot be addressed until after the broadcast.
  • International orders will be subject to additional processing time. To reduce the cost of shipping, I will send all international orders (including UK and Canadian customers) to Mojo HQ on our designated shipping days. This ensures all of your cards/orders can be shipped together! (This information is subject to change.)

Ready to get started? Check our Upcoming Breaks Calendar here, and our personal box inventory (up to date) here!

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