Mojo at the 2018 National

We will be taking the show on the road August 1st - August 6th. We will be setting up a booth broadcasting live and doing breaks. 

Where is it?: International Exposition Center (I-X Center) in Cleveland, Ohio. 

If you are going to the show stop by our booth at the Breaker pavilion to say hi and sign up for a free break and pick up a free shirt! 


Our 2018 Shirt is Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inspired - Very Limited! 

If you are not going don't worry. We will be bringing all the fun to you through your computer screen/mobile device.

We are doing the Biggest Giveaway we have ever done. $20,000 in prizes will be given out. Grand prize is a 2019 National Panini VIP Party Vacation Package! Breaks done July 25th - August 7th Qualify. Complete details and prizes HERE


Live Free Breaks - Sign up in advance at our booth as spots will be limited 
We will sign up one break at a time 
Sorry only for People at the show
You will be given a scratcher that will reveal your team

Thursday AUGUST 2nd
2:00 PM Eastern - 2018 Immaculate Baseball Box
4:00 PM Eastern - 2018 Elements Football Box 

Friday August 3rd
12:00 PM Eastern - 18' Gold Standard NFL Box
2:00 PM Eastern - 17-18 Premier Hockey
4:00 PM Easten - 17-18 Cornerstones Basketball

Saturday August 4th
12:00 PM Eastern - 2018 Immaculate Baseball Box
2:00 PM Eastern - 2018 Vertex Football Box
4:00 PM Eastern - 3 Boxes of TBD Baseball Product 



VIP GOLD PACKS- Special Presale Bonus - Only available at the 2018 Panini VIP Party 


Silver Pack Breaks- This Time of Year is all about breaking with bonuses! This year's silver packs should be hotter than ever. Ohtani, Ayton, Tatum, Mitchell, Mbappe will all have cards and possible autos in this years silvers. You don't have to be at show to participate in our online break. You do however need to act fast on some of these breaks as they will sell out fast with all the National Hype 

Listed Silver Pack Breaks -Silvers shipped sealed with your cards from break (Keep Checking as more will get posted

2017-18 Encased Basketball Random - 1 Silver Pack Per Spot
2017 Vertex Football Case 29.99 a spot - 1 Silver Packs Per Spot 
Eminence NBA Extravaganza Break NO Skunk - 5 Silvers 
Victory Lane Racing Random Driver - 12.99 - 1 Silver 
2018 Elements Football Case Random - 48.00 - 1 Silver
2018 Immaculate Baseball Case Random - 67 - 1 Silver 
2017-18 Elements Vertex 8 Box NFL Mixer - 39.99 2 Silvers
2017-18 Spectra NBA 4 Box - 39.99 1 Silver