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Author Topic: Ways to Travel the World for Free
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Post Ways to Travel the World for Free
on: April 7, 2020, 00:06

Do you dream of seeing the world, but you don’t have a fat travel fund to do it? Today, there are more opportunities than ever before to travel the world on the cheap – or, for that matter, for free.

My wife and I visit an average of 10 countries every year, all on her salary alone. No, she’s not an investment banker or neurosurgeon; she’s a school counselor with a salary comparable to a teacher. Part of our travel strategy is to visit inexpensive countries. We also look for inexpensive accommodations through Airbnb and local guesthouses. But the main reasons we can afford to see the world are on this list of 15 ways to travel for free.

Some of these options offer free accommodations, others offer free transportation, and a few offer both. They all come with their own limitations and tradeoffs, but for anyone looking to travel on a tiny budget, they’re hard to beat.

1. Teach Abroad
Globe Book Library Dictionary
This is how my wife and I can afford to do so much traveling. She works at an American school in Abu Dhabi. It provides us both with round-trip flights home every summer, free upscale housing that includes a gym, pool, and jacuzzi, and comprehensive health insurance. Oh, and there’s no income tax in the United Arab Emirates.

Living in Abu Dhabi has allowed us to travel all over the world. We flew nonstop to Bulgaria for $185 round-trip. We spent even less on nonstop round-trip flights to Cyprus. Every time we fly back to the United States, we do a stopover in Europe for a few days to enjoy gastronomy in Lyon, the Christmas markets in Munich, or the nightlife in Amsterdam.

There are thousands of international schools all over the world looking for qualified English-speaking employees, from IT specialists to administrators to teachers of all specialties. If you’re interested, check out international recruiting agency Search Associates.

Farm Organic Carrots Farmer
An amusing acronym to say, WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. If you’ve ever been intrigued by the idea of living and working on a farm, this is your chance to see the world while you do so.

Farming is mostly seasonal work, and farmers need seasonal help. While they often have an abundance of space, housing, and food, many organic farmers don’t have an abundance of money. So, in exchange for four to six hours’ help each day, they provide room and board. You’re on your own for the cost of transportation to get there, though.

You can “WWOOF” by yourself, as a couple, with friends, or even as a family with children. Select which country you’re interested in, and WWOOF will show you a list of host farms and connect you with the farmers.

3. Maximize Credit Card Rewards
Credit Card Rewards Miles Sunset Airplane
Yes, you can earn free flights by putting purchases on your credit card. And many of the best travel reward credit cards offer some enticing benefits. But that’s far from the only option for maximizing your rewards.

Many travel reward cards, such as the Delta SkyMiles Platinum Card from American Express, offer free or discounted companion vouchers every year. You can score a free flight from your reward points, plus a free flight for your travel partner from the companion voucher.

Then there are sign-up bonuses. Check out these credit cards with the best sign-up bonuses to score free travel without spending a dime. The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card (read our Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card review) has a generous signup bonus, plus it gives you the ability to transfer your reward points to multiple airlines.

You can also maximize rewards by using your credit card every time you pay for flights. Some credit cards and partner airlines offer double or triple rewards, or higher, for booking flights.

Read up on all the other ways you can score free flights with rewards. Just make sure you don’t overspend in the name of saving money.

4. Hostels & Other Work-Stay Options
Hostel Flowers Exterior Sign Brick
Many hostels find themselves in a similar situation as organic farmers, with plenty of beds and rooms but short on labor. So, they offer free accommodations – and sometimes free meals – in exchange for work. A few even pay a small stipend of spending money.

And the options don’t end at hostels. There are plenty of employers who provide free housing for short-term or even long-term stays in exchange for work. Check out HelpStay and Workaway for thousands of opportunities all over the world to stay for free in exchange for your services.

5. Long-Term Volunteering With the Peace Corps
Peace Corps Website Logo Magnifying Glass
An oldie but goody, the Peace Corps offers incredibly rewarding opportunities to live for several years in a community that needs committed volunteers. While the Peace Corps is a large international organization, they do an excellent job of keeping their focus on the grassroots level. Volunteers go to the ends of the earth, living and working in the poorest communities on the planet.

The Peace Corps isn’t for everyone, though. It requires a 27-month commitment: three months of training, then two years in the field. You’ll also be leaving the comforts of Western democracy behind. You may or may not have mobile phone service, and you may not have air conditioning in hot climates.

Yes, you receive a living stipend, which is enough to cover housing, food, and basic spending in the community where you’re stationed. But when you come home to visit, don’t plan on fancy dinners out or hotels; expect to crash with friends and family.

That said, you’ll have the opportunity to personally transform poor communities into livable, sustainable towns and villages. In many cases, you will literally save lives. If you’re truly driven to change the world, and see some of it in the process, the Peace Corps may be a good fit for you.

6. Short-Term Organized Volunteering
Phillipines Bay Bay City Teaching Volunteering
If your volunteer travel timeline is measured in weeks or months, rather than years, try short-term volunteer placement services like Go Overseas or Idealist. They offer opportunities all over the world for work ranging from teaching English to building infrastructure.

For a comfortable way to ease into international volunteering, try Diverbo. They host one-week English retreats in Spain and Germany to immerse locals in English-based activities. Hotel rooms and meals are provided; all you have to do is get there.

The are endless ways to volunteer abroad for free travel and rewarding experiences. Spend an hour researching options online, and you can’t help but be inspired by the possibilities to give back while seeing the world.

7. Organize Your Own Volunteer Trip
Volunteer Green Circle Woman
You can also organize your own volunteer trip. With crowdfunding websites like GoFundMe, you can raise money from your friends, family members, and colleagues to cover the costs of your volunteer trip. Perhaps they’ll even join you on your expedition.

Of course, if you don’t plan your volunteer trip with the utmost transparency and ethics, you’re likely to lose friends. Make sure your trip will genuinely change lives for needy people, rather than serve as a cover story for you to persuade your friends into paying for your vacation.

I saw this happen just recently with a newly arrived couple at my wife’s school. They raised money from their friends back in the United States, inventing the name of an education-based “ministry” they claimed to be leading here in Abu Dhabi. It was an utter scam, as they have the same generous teaching package that my wife does. Whether they got away with it among their friends back home or not, they didn’t get away with it here. The link to their GoFundMe page made the rounds among the school faculty, and they’ve found few friends as a result.

Approach any crowdfunding attempts with complete sincerity and transparency, period.

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Post Re: Ways to Travel the World for Free
on: April 9, 2020, 06:16

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Post Re: Ways to Travel the World for Free
on: May 22, 2020, 03:17

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