Mojo Rewards Are BACK!

Another awesome incentive returns to this month: Mojo Rewards! 

All purchased breaks include a corresponding number of bonus points, which will accumulate over time and can be used in our “Mojo Rewards” section for a variety of BONUS items from Mojobreak! The items will change from time to time, and may include promotional packs (Overtime Hockey, Spring Fever, etc.), free break spots, and other bonus items!

Here are a few additional details to keep in mind for the revamped “Mojo Rewards” system:

  • You must be signed in to your MB account to check your current points balance. This information is also populated on your “My Account” page.
  • IMPORTANT: At this time, multiple quantities of the same item require separate orders to be placed. For example, if you wish to use 1500 points on 2 Spring Fever packs (750 points each) you must check out using two separate order numbers. You can complete orders with separate items (i.e. an Overtime pack and a Spring Fever pack); however a maximum quantity of 1 per order will apply.
  • All Mojo Rewards items are located at Mojo HQ in California, and may require an additional 3-5 business days from the time your order is placed to process. If points are used in “break spot” scenarios, additional time may be needed for the break to fill completely.
  • For points redeemed for break spots or sports card products, all videos will be archived/labeled on Mojobreak’s Ustream page; the regular guidelines for random group breaks will apply (including trades and multiple player randoms).
  • Mojo Rewards items are for promotional use only; no present or future monetary value is associated with any bonus items.

Any questions? Please contact us via Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail ( with the title “Mojo Rewards Question”.

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