Mojo Trades? (Read this!)

As your group breaker, we end up breaking dozens of sports card boxes a week for hundreds of unique customers. As you might imagine, sorting and shipping is no easy task (but we’re happy to do it for everyone). We also like showing off the cards and hits that we pull for our customers (and we hope you don’t mind us bragging on you through social media). Sometimes, we get people asking questions about the cards we’ve pulled, seeing if they are for sale or trade by the owner.

Here’s the deal: we want to respect the fact that you own the cards we pull for you until they arrive in your bubble mailer on Mojo Mailday. And we also look forward to building a community that can grow. So we are going to encourage anyone interested in trading or selling (if you’re a buyer or seller) to join our “Fans of Mojobreak” Facebook group. This is an invite-only group, so an admin will approve your entry upon request.

As a reminder, you can always show off the hits you’ve received from us on social media/message boards as well (try “#MojoMailday” on Twitter!). However, we will not share your information with others, even if it’s requested. And we cannot facilitate or accomodate post-break trades or sales of cards-it’s just too complicated and can lead to discrepancies or delays. (There will always be a pre-break trade period during random breaks.)

If you have any questions about this, please let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or via e-mail! Happy trading, everyone!

-James (MojoMinnesota)

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