Introducing “Mojo On Demand”

For years, Mojobreak has been your trusted source for group breaks. We’ve broken thousands of cases of cards for our customers, and have pulled some monster hits along the way. Now, we’re happy to introduce a revamped new way for you to break: MojoOnDemand!

Skip the trip to the local card shop!

Don’t wait for your cards to ship from online retailers!

With MojoOnDemand, we’ll break your boxes LIVE online so you can see what’s inside right away, then ship to you quickly and securely! And we’ll have lots of your favorite sports card boxes in stock! We’ll be broadcasting live from MojoMinnesota at least 5 nights a week, so you can drop by anytime, order a box, or just hang out and see what happens!

All cases are opened for the first time LIVE on camera, labeled for security and accuracy, and all break videos are archived via Ustream.

Here’s more details on how MojoOnDemand works, including ordering details and specific terms and conditions:

  • Use the following link to determine current inventory remaining to order personal boxes for MojoOnDemand:
  • Inventory in stock corresponds to the following locations: “PB” is MojoHQ (in California), “PB MN” is MojoMinnesota (MojoOnDemand)
  • Broadcast schedule will be listed on Mojobreak’s Upcoming Breaks Calendar ( as “MojoOnDemand”
  • All breaks will take place via Mojobreak’s main channel on UStream, unless multiple breaks are scheduled; if you can’t find it, access Mojobreak’s alternate channel for MojoOnDemand by visiting (redirects to Mojobreak3 on Ustream)
  • Daily inventory and break schedule will also be shared via Twitter once every break day (Follow @MojoOnDemand)
  • Mojobreak’s regular payment policies apply (PayPal and credit cards accepted; excludes e-check)

Basics on ordering:

  • All orders received prior to the next scheduled break day (labeled as “MojoOnDemand” on the break calendar) will take place during the scheduled break time
  • Orders received during scheduled broadcasts may take place during the break or may be scheduled for the following break day
  • Orders received after the scheduled broadcast time will be scheduled for the following break day
  • Products may contain mini-boxes (i.e. Panini Select, Topps Triple Threads); these “partial box breaks” will be selected via Random.ORG (list randomized 3 times). Please consider this carefully before ordering a partial box break.
  • New cases are opened live on camera (label side up) once initial orders are received and boxes are labeled based on case position in the following order: Top to Bottom, then Left to Right. Sample case labeling:

MOD Description

  • You may receive an e-mail asking you to select your box(es) in advance of the broadcast based on remaining inventory
  • If watching live (or for orders received during the broadcast), you may select your box(es) during the broadcast or request box(es) be randomly selected (3 minutes to select via Ustream chat)
  • If no selection is made during the broadcast or in advance, box(es) will be chosen from remaining inventory via Random.ORG (list randomized 3 times)
  • All cards (including base) shipped within 1-2 business days of the break; orders with multiple items may break at different times and ship from different locations
  • Mojobreak reserves the right to alter the terms of MojoOnDemand at any time

Any questions about MojoOnDemand? E-mail James (MojoMinnesota) at!

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