12/6 2017 Vertex NFL 4 Box Case Random

Cheap 2017 Case Break!
6 Hits Per Box 24 Hits in Break 
Mahomes, Watson, Tribusky, and MORE!
Lots of Legends and Vets as well 
All Teams In
Breaks Thursday 

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Configuration: 4 boxes per case. 3 packs per box. 8 cards per pack.

- Discover an eclectic mix of unique trading cards in the debut of Vertex! On average, every box will deliver a Capstones insert, which features four jersey swatches and an on-card autograph! All Capstones autographs are sequentially numbered to 99 or less!
- Be on the hunt for two autograph inserts that are true 1-of-1s! Number Ones has autographs from players who were drafted No. 1 overall in the NFL Draft, and One of a Kind features signatures of NFL superstars!
- Look for Highly Revered, Upper Tier Signatures, The Ascent, Difference Makers, Vertex Signatures, Apogee Autographs, and Championship Ink among the many autographs found in Vertex Football.
- Vertex Materials, Portraits, Unbreakable, Domination, Closers, and Startups are some inserts that feature material from past and present NFL stars.
- Vertex showcases a variety of printing technologies to deliver distinct, jaw-dropping inserts! Look for cards that feature micro-etch patterns, striking photography techniques and more!

- 4 Autographs
- 2 Memorabilia Cards