19-20 Contenders NBA 6 Box Random Team #6

Super Hot Contenders Draft! Zion MANIA Begins
36 Autos in Break – 19-20 Rookie Class
Bonus Spot Random’d Between First 15 To Purchase
Zion, RJ Barrett, Ja Morant Rookie Autos – Look For ON Card Autos!
No Regular Base Shipped
6 Box Random Team Style – All Teams in – Wednesday Break

Out of stock


onfiguration: 6 pack per box. 18 cards per pack.


– Look for on-card autographs from this year’s upcoming rookie class in the highly sought-after RPS College Ticket set.
– In Turning Pro Signatures, look for autographs from top current and retired players in both their college and NBA uniforms
– Season Ticket Signatures features autographs from some of the best players to ever step foot on a college campus
– Hunt for autographs from this year’s top international prospects in the International Ticket set!
– Look for 6 autograph in each box!


– 6 Autographs
– 1 Parallel
– 35 Season Tickets Base
– 35 Season Ticket Variation
– 30 Inserts

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