20′ Flawless NFL Single Box Random Number #1

2020 Flawless NFL Is HERE!
Diamonds, NFL Shields, Cut Autos, & More!
Single Box Break – Random Number Style
25 Total Spots – Each Spot Will Get A Random Number 1-25. This Number Applies To The Left Side Serial Number Of The Card
For Example If We Pull A Justin Herbert RPA 15/25, It Will Go To 15 Spot
Any Redemptions Will Be Random’d Through All Unless A 1/1
#1 Breaks Wednesday 

Out of stock


Configuration: 1 pack per box. 10 cards per pack.

– All cards in Flawless are #’d/25 or less, all autographs are on-card or cut autographs.
– Look for 6 on-card autographs, 1 or 2 Gem cards and 2 or 3 memorabilia cards per box!
– Find new on-card autographed sets with Flawless Achievements, Flawless Flyers and Etched in Time!
– Hunt for on-card Rookie Patch Autographs from all the top rookies, including Tua Tagovailoa, Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert and many more!
– Search for the on-card booklet autographs with Rookie Booklets, Veteran Booklets, Signatures Gems, and Flawless Duals and Super Bowl Gems!

– 6 On-Card Autographs
– 1-2 Gems
– 2-3 Memorabilia

Mojobreak UA-32176496-1