2018/19 Leaf Pearl Multi Sport Case #1 HR

High End Cards with huge chase!
Kobe Shaq Logoman, Babe Ruth Cut Auto, Brady Shield and MORE!
Leaf does not disappoint with Pearl. Well balanced cases with huge potential
This break will be a hit random style. Meaning no one walks away emptied handed
Every one in break will get a high end leaf pearl
One Spot is guaranteed a case hit! We open case first there will be at least 22 high end cards
We then random the spot list with the card list and voila! Each spot gets a card at random.
22 spots 22 cards in case – Acuna, Kyler, Messi, Ichiro, Marilyn Monroe and so much more!
Breaks Monday

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2018-19 Leaf Pearl Multi-Sport takes the ultra high-end brand on another ride around the sporting world. Covering the stars of baseball, basketball, football, soccer, wrestling, MMA, boxing, golf and more, the $1,000+ boxes contain 11 premium cards, incuding one cut signature.

Don’t let the year fool you as 2018-19 Leaf Pearl Multi-Sport is a 2020 release. According to the cardmaker, “Leaf introduced Pearl Multi-Sport to the hobby and it quickly became the most sought-after and
talked about high-end product in hobby history.”

2018-19 Leaf Pearl Multi-Sport Base

While some of the luxury card brands work with diamonds, the 2018-19 Leaf Pearl Multi-Sport base set opts for pearls.

2018-19 Leaf Pearl Multi-Sport Autographs / Auto Relics

Other than that, the 2018-19 Leaf Pearl Multi-Sport checklist has only autographs and relics.

Signed sets include Base AutoPearl Visionaries, and Paragon Signatures

Adding some controversy, O.J. Simpson is one of the signers shown in the Paragon Signatures 3 mock-up image alongside Tony Dorsett and Earl Campbell.

In addition, every box promises one Pearl Cuts cut signature autograph.

2018-19 Leaf Pearl Multi-Sport Memorabilia

Memorabilia cards are also a common sight in 2018-19 Leaf Pearl Multi-Sport. Highlighting one player, Magnificent Materials showcases eight different swatches, while Letterman and Pearlescent Patch display premium jersey relics.

Multi-player editions include Pearls of History duals, Pearlescent Dual PatchLegends of Sport (four and six), Decade of Stars 8The Immortal 8 and The Perfect Ten.

Per Leaf, Magnum Opus features “quite possibly the greatest memorabilia cards ever produced.”

2018-19 Leaf Pearl Multi-Sport Hobby Box Break

  • 10 Premium Cards
  • 1 Cut Signature
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