2018 Bowman Tek MLB 12 Box Case #5

Bowman Tek!
4 Autos Per Box 48 Autos in Case – On Card Autos
Lots of Prospects and Top Rookies 
All Cards Ship 
Get your Bowman On! 
Breaks Friday 

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2018 Bowman High Tek Baseball Cards delivers (10) Total Cards, including (4) Autographs Signed ON-CARD(1) Base Parallel and Multiple Base Card Pattern Variations in Every Box! This collector favorite set will continue to provide all of the cards, patterns and autographs you have come to expect with the High Tek brand. In addition to the box GUARANTEESeach 12-box case will also GUARANTEE (1) Tides of Youth Autograph Variation Card PLUS (1) Additional Insert Autograph Card.


Configuration: 12 boxes/1 packs/10 cards

2018 Bowman High Tek Baseball Cards Box Hits:

  • (10) Total Cards, including
    • (4) Autographs Signed ON-CARD
    • (1) Base Parallel
    • Multiple Base Card Pattern Variations

2018 Bowman High Tek Baseball Cards CASE Hits:

  • (1) Tides of Youth Autograph Variation Card
  • (1) Additional Insert Autograph Card

2018 Bowman High Tek Baseball Cards PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:

  • (4) Autographs Signed ON-CARD in Every Box!
    • High Tek Autographs
      • Parallels: Purple Diffractor TBD #’d, Green Rainbow #’d to 99, Ocean Blue Tidal #’d to 75 NEW!Gold Rainbow #’d to 50, Orange Magma #’d to 25, Red Orbit #’d to 10, Black Galactic#’d 1/1, Printing Proofs #’d 1/1
    • Autographed Insert Cards - Each TBD #'d
      • Tides of Youth
      • PyroTEKnics
      • 1st Bowman TEK
  • NEW!! Inserts!!! - Insert content has been reconfigured for 2018ALL of which are #'d to 99 or less!
    • Tides of Youth NEW!- Featuring top prospects and the best 2018 MLB rookies on a design that creates tidal, wave, and ocean themes.
    • PyroTEKnics NEW! - Featuring top prospects and the best 2018 MLB rookies with a scene reminiscent of fireworks.
    • 1st Bowman TEK NEW! - Featuring the top 1st Bowman subjects from 2018 Bowman Baseball.
      • Parallels (for all of the above): Ocean Blue #’d to 25, Black Galactic #’d 1/1
  • Bowman High Tek Base Cards - Consists of the top prospects of MLB and 2018 rookies, featuring action photography on acetate technology with TEN multiple pattern variations and color parallel cards!
    • Pattern 1
      • Purple Rainbow #’d to 150
      • Green Rainbow #’d to 99
      • Ocean Blue Tidal #’d to 75 NEW!
      • Gold Rainbow #’d to 50
      • Orange Magma #’d to 25
      • Red Orbit #’d to 10
      • Black Galactic #’d 1/1
      • Printing Proofs #’d 1/1
    • Pattern(s) 2 - 8
    • Pattern 9: SpecTEKular Diffractor #’d 1/1
    • Pattern 10: Black Galactic Diffractor #’d 1/1