2018 Immaculate NFL 3 Box Random Number #7

1/2 Case Immac NFL!
Shields, Acetate RPA’s, Nameplates
Legends, Vets, Pro Bowlers
Random Left Side Serial Number 
99  Total Spots 
Every One Gets Random’d A Number 1-99
This Applies To Cards Left Side Serial Number 
If We Pull A Saquon RPA 26/99 It Goes To 26 Spot 
Breaks Sunday

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Configuration: 1 pack per box. 6 cards per pack.

- New! All on-card autographs are on acetate!
- Pull on-card signed memorabilia cards with Rookie Patch Autographs, Immaculate Signature Patches, Premium Patches Autographs, Immaculate Players Collection Autographs and more!
- Look for more full-sized memorabilia cards that feature swatches from Team Logos, Jersey Numbers, Laundry Tags, and the all new Immaculate Shields insert!
- Look for new on-card signed inserts, including Immaculate HOF Signatures, Immaculate Careers, and Immaculate Records.
- New for 2018 are Immaculate Eye Black Jersey cards! Featuring retired, veteran and rookie players, these cards contain signed eye-black pieces and a jersey patch. Look for the gold-ink parallel, numbered as low as one! Also, look for more than 50 percent more one-of-ones!

- 5 Autograph or Memorabilia Cards
- 1 Base or Parallel Card