2018 Impeccable NFL 3 Box Case RT #1

Impeccable Football
Lots of Chase 
Brand New Silver and Gold Super Bowl Cards 
Rookie RPA’s, On Card Autos, Helmets, Gloves and MORE
Great Blend of Legends, Rookies and Pro Bowlers
Random Teams – 28 Total Spots 4 Combos

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Configuration: 3 boxes per case. 1 pack per box. 8 cards per pack.


- Pull five autographs, including at least one Rookie Patch Autograph, per box, on average! All patch autographs are #’d/75 or less!
- Look for unique Elegance Rookie Patch Autographs, featuring Helmet pieces, Nameplates, Gloves and NFL Shields!
- Pick up stunning patch autographs from the NFL’s best veterans and legends!
- Find one Silver or Gold piece insert per case, on average!
- New for 2018: Extravagance Patch Autos, Masterstrokes, Jersey Patches, Silver Super Bowls, Silver 49ers and Silver Broncos!


- 5 Autographs