2019 Contenders NFL 6 Box PYT #12

Contenders is Back! #1 Auto Rookie in Football
Brady’s Most Sought After Rookie Is Contenders!
5 Autos Per Box – At Least 30 In Break
Checklist Tends To Cover Every Rookie Even Some Who Haven’t Had An Auto
Chase Cracked Ice and Super Bowl Tickets
Everything Ships Except Vet Base
PYT #12 Breaks Sunday



– The iconic Rookie Ticket is back again and features all the top rookies the NFL has to offer, these parallel to Rookie Ticket Stub (max #’d/99), Rookie Playoff Ticket (max #’d /99), Rookie Championship Ticket (max #’d /49), Rookie Cracked Ice Ticket (#’d /23), Rookie Clear Ticket (#’d/10), and Super Bowl Ticket (#’d 1/1).
– Chase Rookie Ticket Variations features unique design elements and unique photography from the standard Rookie Tickets.
– New to 2019 Contenders are the throwback 1998 Rookie Ticket (#’d/20 or less and the 1999 Rookie Ticket (#’d /20 or less)!
– Exclusive to the hobby: Look for Golden and Silver Tickets of the stars and top rookies the NFL has to offer.
– Look for inserts Rookie of the Year Contenders, MVP Contenders, Legendary Contenders, Winning Ticket, and Round Numbers.

– 5 Autographs (1 On-Card)
– 1 Parallel
– 18 Inserts

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