2019 Leaf Memorabilia Treasury Case #19

New Leaf Treasury Memorabilia!
5 Full sized items per box . We’ve been breaking this since its first year.
Lots of Fun and a chance some awesome unique items
Hit Random Style – No Skunk – Every spot gets an item.
We open box first and then random the items with participants
Preview below of some of the items and categories
#19 Breaks Thursday

Out of stock


Take a varied collectible journey with 2019 Leaf Memorabilia Treasury. Each box of the relic-filled release contains five random items.

The repack brand has existed for several years under the same format, including the 2018 version.

2019 Leaf Memorabilia Treasury Details

As has been the case for the entire run, 2019 Leaf Memorabilia Treasury offers a wide selection of content stretching from pop culture icons to Hall of Fame athletes, and many things in between.

Signed gear is a key component of the product, but there are also unsigned pieces, like the actual costumes worn on television shows or movies.

2019 Leaf Memorabilia Treasury 3

2019 Leaf Memorabilia Treasury also has a full assortment of signed sports memorabilia for baseball, basketball, football, hockey and golf stars, including balls, jerseys and helmets. There are autographed rookie cards, as well.

2019 Leaf Memorabilia Treasury 4

While there are no guarantees as to the genre or type of memorabilia in each box, Leaf did release a basic rundown of the choices. These should not be viewed as the only possibilities, but rather a snapshot of the options. In addition to these, Leaf teased “many, many more unique items.”

2019 Leaf Memorabilia Treasury Item Checklist

Movie & TV-Worn Costumes
Cast Signed Photos
Signed 11×14 Photos
Signed 16×20 Photos
Signed 8×10 Photos
Signed Baseball Jerseys
Signed Baseballs
Signed Basketballs
Signed CD Covers
Signed Football Jerseys
Signed Football Mini-Helmets
Signed Footballs
Signed Full-Size Football Helmets
Signed Golf Balls
Signed Golf Flags
Signed Hockey Jerseys
Signed Lithographs
Signed Movie Posters
Signed Record Albums
Signed Rookie Cards
Signed Tennis Items

It is also worth noting that while each box has five pieces, they are not individually wrapped. This means that once the main box is opened, the items are no longer a mystery.

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