2019 Phoenix NFL 8 Box Case #3

Shiny! Opti Chrome technology!
NFL has never looked better !
Chase The Rainbow
3 Hits Per Box – 24 Hits in Break – All Cards Ship
Fire Burst Parallel One Per inner case



– Phoenix returns for the 2019 NFL season with more Opti-Chrome than ever before! Find one of the hottest brands back on shelves with 2 autos and 1 mem per box on average!
– Chase the biggest autographs of the 2019 NFL Rookie Class in three auto/mem inserts: RPS Rookie Auto Jersey, RPS Rookie Auto Dual Jersey, and Rising Rookie Material Signatures! Find spectacular prime versions of these cards and special versions of Rising Rookie that feature pieces of gloves, helmet, and NFL footballs!
– Be on the hunt for special Color Burst and Fire Burst parallels! These fall one per box and one per inner case on average and contain vivid variations of Base and Rookie cards!
– Find jumbo pieces of authentic NFL memorabilia in RPS Memorabilia, Jumbo Memorabilia and Veteran Materials! These inserts feature some of the top players in the NFL and contain parallels as rare as Super Prime 1/1!
– New for 2019 – RPS Rookie Auto Jersey, RPS Rookie Auto Dual Jersey, and Rising Rookie Material Signature are now on premium Opti-Chrome technology! Also look for these new cards: Fire Burst parallel, RPS Rookie Auto Dual Jersey, Rookie Autographs, Comeback, and Catching Fire!


– 2 Autographs
– 1 Memorabilia
– 12 Parallels
– 12 Rookies
– 9 Inserts
– 1 RPA Per Box
– 1 Color Burst Parallel Per Box
– 1 Fire Burst Parallel Per Inner Case

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