2020 Impeccable NFL First off Line 3 Box Case #3

2020 Impeccable NFL First Off Line
One Silver Elegance Rookie Auto /19 In every Box! 3 in Break
One Base Ruby /8 in every box as well!
Silver Elegance only found in First off Line!
Rookie RPA’s # /75
Legends, Vets and a Star Studded Rookie Class
Breaks Early Week of November 23rd – Check Schedule!



“1st Off The Line 2020 Impeccable NFL Trading Cards comes with 8 cards per pack and 1 pack per box.

Boxes, on average, hold the FOTL exclusive auto, 4-5 additional autographed cards, and 2-3 base or base parallels, including the FOTL Exclusive Base Ruby.


Look for 1 on-card Elegance Rookie Silver Autographs #’d /19 and 1 Base Ruby #’d /8 in every FOTL box!

Impeccable Football has something for every collector. Look for on-card autographs from all the best rookies, dozens of on-card autographs from current stars of the NFL and even more Hall of Fame autographs.

New in 2020 Look for Impeccable Nickname Autographs and Super Bowl Champions Signatures!

Hunt for limited number of multi-signed cards with Inkpeccable Duals, Trios, and Quads!”- Panini

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