2022 Major Mojo Multi Sport Case Break #27


Our highly sought after buyback is here! With a fun twist!
Each Case will contain 10-12 Buyback cards (All big names)
Each case will also contain a Sealed hobby box! Boxes ranging from 20/21 NT NBA, Chrome, Dynasty, Spectra and MORE! Endless Possibilities!
30 Total spots in break – Each spot will get at least one team from each sport (NFL,MLB,NBA) (List of Spots Below)
We’ve scoured the marketplace for the best names in the hobby! 30 Total Cases made . All cases made prior to the first case being opened
We random each case for transparency. All combos have been based on cards in run and potential with sealed boxes – look for hot cases!
Some of the Names included in buyback: Curry Rookie Auto, Jordan Rookie, Trevor Lawrence, Lance, Lebron RC, Acuna, Trout, Brees, Giannis, Luciano, Gorman, Nolan Ryan
Julio Rodriguez, Anthony Edwards, Jordan Poole, Luka, Kobe Auto, Kobe Rookie, Mac Jones and MORE!
There is 30 Total hobby boxes in run as well 10 from each sport. Super Unique epic break
BONUS SPOT RANDOM’D Between First 15 To Purchase!
#27 Breaks Wednesday
Combo Team List Below

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