Leaf Vault Memorabilia Box Break HR#8

Fun Fun Product!
Full Size Items 
Baseballs, Footballs, Guitars, Huge Chase ITEMS!
No SKunK! 10 Items every spot gets an item 
We open Box First and Then Random Names and ITEMS!
Case #8 Breaks Friday

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Leaf is pleased to announce the return of it's highly anticipated repackaged memorabilia release, 2018 Leaf Memorabilia Vualt!

This release features everything amazing in the world of collectible memorabilia!

Look for items from the following list of possible collectibles:

  • Signed jerseys (all sports)
  • Signed balls (all sports)
  • Signed baseball bats
  • Signed celebrity photos
  • Signed photographs (all sports)
  • Signed guitars
  • Signed mini football helmets
  • Signed footballs
  • Signed trading cards
  • World Series ticket stubs