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Each Box contains One Autographed Jersey!

Leaf is pleased to announce the return of its overwhelmingly popular repackaged memorabilia release, 2019 Leaf Autographed Football Jersey Edition! Once again each box will contain one hand signed football jersey. This checklist features the hottest players in the game, and incredible selection of Hall of Famers, the Hottest Rookies, and some of the games most popular Fan Favorites! Plus in 2019 we have lowered pricing and improved the hit rate of the best names to make this product a sure fire winner for all classes of the trade!

– Tom Brady
– Walter Payton
– Joe Montana
– Aaron Rodgers
– Peyton Manning
– Brett Favre
– Jerry Rice
– Deshaun Watson
– Johnny Unitas
– Saquon Barkley
– Terry Bradshaw
– Rob Gronkowski
– Troy Aikman
– Patrick Mahomes
– Bo Jackson
– Russell Wilson
– Cam Newton
– Ray Lewis
– Drew Brees
– Jim Brown
– Ezekiel Elliott
– Joe Namath
– Dwayne Haskins
– Barry Sanders
– Randy Moss
– Emmitt Smith
– Dan Marino
– John Elway
and tons more!!!

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