PB 2020 Leaf Lumber Kings Hobby Box

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2020 Leaf Lumber Kings Baseball Hobby Box

Each Box contains Four Autographs or Relic Cards!


GAME USED LUMBER: Amazing game used bat checklist featuring some of the greatest legends in Baseball history such as: Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays and Ted Williams!

SIGNATURE STICKS: Signed game used bat card featuring baseball heroes such as: Rickey Henderson, Eddie Murray, Jim Thome and Rod Carew!

DINGER KINGS: “They Hit Dingers!” Game Used bat card insert featuring some of the greatest home run hitters of all-time! Each one a league leader! Such as: Willie Mays, Ken Griey Jr., Babe Ruth and Roger Maris!

500 HOME RUN CLUB: The King of all baseball clubs! This immortal group consists only of those that reached the magical 500 career home run plateau! Such as: Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams and Barry Bonds!

BAT BARREL: The nameplate right o a game used bat! The Holy Grail of game used bat pieces and all 1 of 1! Featuring Legends and Heroes such as: Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays and Derek Jeter.

BAT KNOB: Knob Hill! The Knob o the game used bat! All one of one cards featuring stars such as: Paul Waner, Kirby Puckett, Roger Maris and Nellie Fox!

OFF THE END OF THE BAT: The top of the bat barrel! All one of one cards! Baseball history! Featuring George Brett, Ted Williams, Tony Gwynn and Duke Snider!

BAT RACK 3: Three baseball stars that would make one heck up of a middle of the lineup! Such as: Ruth/Mantle/Williams, Mays/Mantle/Snider and Carew/Gwynn/Boggs.

BAT RACK 4: A foursome that would be a pitchers nightmare! Featuring: Mantle/Mays/Williams/Ruth and Griey/Trout/Mantle/Mays.

ENSHRINED 8: 8 Baseball Hall of Fame Legends and 8 game used bat pieces! Such as: Mays/Mantle/Williams/Maris/Ruth/Waner/Fox/Mize and F. Robinson/Jackson/McCovey/Perez/B. Robinson/Murray/Rice/Winfield.

LUMBER AWARDS: 6 player game used bat card featuring MVP and ROY winners! Such as: MVPs Jackson/Brett/Dawson/Rice/Parker/Morgan and ROY: Mays/Robinson/Bench/Carew/Murray/McCovey.

W.A.R. ROOM: Quad game used bat card featuring the most irreplaceable players in baseball history! Such as: Ruth/Bonds/Mays/Williams and Rodriguez/Henderson/Mantle/Robinson.

LEGENDARY LINEUP: 8 player game used bat featuring legends that would make up a scary lineup card! Such as: McCovey/Fox/Jeter/B. Robinson/I. Rodriguez/Williams/Mantle/Jackson and Bagwell/Fox/Ripken/Brett/Piazza/Williams/Trout/Maris.

HOME RUN CHALLENGE: A 2 player game used bat card featuring what would be a dream HR derby match-up Mantle/Mays, Jackson/Rice and Maris/Bonds.

SIGNATURE STICKS 2: Dual signed game used bat card set! Featuring signature stars such as: Jackson/Thome/Henderson/B. Jackson and Ripken/Rose.

RIVALS: Baseballs most famous rivalries are featured on this 6 player game used bat set! Featuring rivals such as: Ruth/Maris/Mantle/Williams/Rice/Ortiz, Morgan/Bench/Rose/Cey/Russell/Piazza and Raines/Dawson/Walker/Alomar/McGri/Carter.

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