PB 2020 Spectra NFL First OFF Line Box

Brand New 2020 Spectra First off Line
10 Hits
2 FOTL Exclusives per Box
Chase Herbert, Tua, Burrows
Breaks Live only
On Youtube on Tuesdays

4 in stock



1st Off the Line 2020 Panini Spectra NFL Trading Cards comes with 4 cards per pack and 4 packs per box.

Boxes, on average, hold the 2 FOTL Exclusive cards, 3 additional autographed cards, 6 memorabilia cards, 1 insert, and 4 other base/base parallels!

Look for 1 Rookie Patch Autograph Wave, Aspiring Patch Autograph Wave, OR Radiant Rookie Patch Signature Wave #’d /25 and 1 Wave Parallel #’d /10 in every FOTL box!

Back for 2020, Spectra Football includes 1 Rookie Patch Autograph, 3 Additional Autographs, 6 Memorabilia Cards and 5 base/parallels per box on average.

New for 2020 – Look for Hyper Parallels all across the program!

New inserts in 2020 Spectra include Firework Fabric, Champion Signatures, Respectra, Rising Above, Brilliance, Dynamic Duos and Championship Gear.

Look for on-card autographs with Champion Signatures, Illustrious Legends, Sky High Signatures, Vested Veterans Autographs, Tribute Autographs!



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