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PB MD 2016 Topps Gold Label MLB Hobby Box

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Product Description

Configuration: 7 packs per box. 5 cards per pack.

Gold Label Baseball makes its way back to the Topps baseball portfolio in 2016 with the sturdy, glossy, rainbow foil cards that have made this brand a fan favorite amongst collectors since the turn of the century!

If that's not enough, we've taken it one step further and introduced framed, on-card autographs of the hottest and most collectible players in the big leagues!

Highlighting a base set of 100 active players and stars from the past, each subject will receive 3 versions to collect: Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3. 

All base cards will showcase 2 player images with a new image variation throughout every class. Each class version will also feature Blue, Red and Gold Parallels to chase and collect!


Blue Parallels
- Class 1 - 1:2 packs
- Class 2 - 1:6 packs
- Class 3 - 1:20 packs

Red Parallels
- Class 1 - #'d to 100
- Class 2 - #'d to 50
- Class 3 - #'d to 25

Gold Parallels
- Class 1 - 1/1
- Class 2 - 1/1
- Class 3 - 1/1

Framed Autograph Cards come in three versions: 
- Gold Frame 
- Black Frame - #'d to 50 or less
- Platinum Frame - #'d 1/1

These high-end, beautiful cards fall 1 per hobby box, and the best part - they're all signed directly on the card!