PB MD 2017 NSCC GOLD PACK ATTACK (10 Random Packs!)

Mojobreak’s personal box service-you buy, we rip a whole box for you within minutes! Please check broadcast schedule for Mojo On Demand!


NSCC GOLD PACK ATTACK goes down 8/18 at 7PM EST/4PM PST, only on! Read below for details!

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Product Description

Each purchased spot guarantees 10 packs, selected at random, from the sealed Sleeve D of 2017 NSCC Gold Packs Mojobreak received from the Panini VIP party! Plus, one lucky winner will be entered to win a brand new MojoOnDemand Mega Mystery prize, revealed for the first time during the MojoOnDemand broadcast! (You won't want to miss this...)

Here's how it works:

  • All spots sold at the time of the break (maximum-20 spots) will enter a group break for a sequential stack of 10 random packs; extra spots will not be sold past the deadline.
  • For fairness in randomizing, the packs will be dealt on camera into sequential stacks (left to right) from the final sealed sleeve (Sleeve D) from the NSCC VIP party (these were sealed on camera on 7/29 and shipped securely)
  • A dice roll will determine how many times the final list is randomized, as well as the winner of the Mega Mystery prize entry
  • The entrant list is randomized, with each number corresponding to the break order
  • Trades will be permitted before breaking the packs open
  • Any remaining gold packs will be incorporated into remaining MojoOnDemand inventory

Still on board? Then grab a spot and watch some gold being ripped! Good luck!