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Great week of Box and Case breaks

Well one of my favorite products came out on wednesday. Refer to the prior blog post. National Treasures takes me back to when i was a young kid and i counted down the days to Christmas and my Birthday. This year it delivered. It has the whole hobby a buzz right now. Look at forums. I go to blowout cards quite frequently to see the latest boxes being opened. The RPA's this year were absolutely redonkulicious (is that a word?). They chose and left the best multi colored jersey pieces for this product. We've pulled Five of them so far. Todman, Alex Green, Ryan Williams, Kendall Hunter and a Titus Young redemption. Tracy Hackler from Panini joined our live break on wednesday and watched live on blogtv. We got two 1/1's in the same case! We got a filthy Mikel Leshoure NFL Gear Auto 1/1 Laundry tag, and 1/1 Mike Vick Parallel. The checklist on 2011 National Treasures Football is amazing and has something for everyone. For Niner fans (the best in the nfl lol) we got a nice cut auto of the legendary Joe perry

Yesterday we had a fun filled morning with two group breaks. We had two different case breaks of 2011 Topps Museum and a five box break of 2011 Panini Playbook. Topps museum completely made all of us forget about Topps Marquee. Two products in a row now Topps has delivered. Topps Museum brought multi colors to baseball in a big way. The jersey pieces in some of the cards are absolutely disgusting. They put some of the best football products to shame. What they did that i also liked was the jumbo bat pieces. Im not a huge fan of bat pieces in a product normally because they are tiny. Museum brought some coaster size bat pieces. Some players may even become beer coasters after ahwile. We unfortunately didnt get to see a museum bordered card because the one we got was a redemption. Andrew Mccutcheun was apparently to busy to sign the museum collection this year. We did get some amazing hits though. We got a Ty Cobb numbered to /25 quad bat pieces and a disgusting Sandy Koufax 2 color jersey card. One of the chasers of the set and a possible 500$+ card. Congrats to Ian on the Koufax shown below

One thing that was interesting was Panini releasing 2011 Playbook Football 2 days after National Treasures. Ive never seen a company release two competing products that close to each other. 2011 Panini Playbook is the last Football release of this years rookie class. Suprisingly i think its a amazing product. Its unfortunately not sharing the limelight well with Treasures as its getting crushed. The format is very similar to the latest 2011-2012 Nba Preferred. All killer and no filler is the theme here. Playbook is innovative right from the box as its a smaller lazer disc style looking box. The product offers a book card in every box! The rookie book cards are amazing. We pulled two one of ones from five boxes. Thats a mojo break.



2011 Contenders Football Review and Highlights

One of the most anticipated football releases has arrived! Its here and all your popular forums are lit up with talk of this quintessential auto release of the year. The big topic on everyone's mind is which ones are SP's? Could it be clever marketing that Panini has not yet released the checklist of SP's ? Ebay sellers  are seizing the oppurtunity by putting SP in there listings and getting a premium price for it. Who knows when the actual list will get released.

from mojobreak's 12 box case break

 Base set/Inserts/ and design

The overall design is very solid. Last year was a little to busy in my opinion. Like the 2012 camry ... 2011 contenders football design got a complete overhaul. Modern with sharp looking insignia's and markings really show off the rookies debut game. I dislike how they still have some guys in rookie premiere jerseys. Jerel Jerrigan is wearing number 3, Ryan Williams is wearing 00, and so on and so forth.  I do realize that on card autos are hard to come by. Maybe im a big Jerel Jerrigan collector and want a card with him wearing his real jersey. I'd like to know how many autos these premiere guys signed between Topps and Panini. Talk about carpel tunnel. I just want to know when they are going to realize that Jordan Todman is on the practice squad and we could all do without another one of his autos. Homeboy has signed alot. The Superbowl ticket inserts are pretty pimping and a great set to collect. Love how they have each superbowls logo.

Peterson Fetching Solid Coin on the bay


Our case had 64 autos! They promise only 4 autos per box but our case averaged 5.3 per box. We got at least one on card auto in every box sometimes two. It didn't take long to realize that all the on card autos are guys from the premiere. The great thing about this product is the guys that havent been in alot or any products. Guys like Patrick Peterson, Aldon Smith, DJ Williams, Dan Bailey, Alex Henery, Doug Baldwin, Jackie Battle and more make this exciting and great for team collectors.


You can pick up a box for 140-150 and even at that its a great value. Especially compared to some of the crap thats been put out this year. This years rookie class is amazing. Contenders over the years has had some extremely valuable rookie autos. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady's rookie auto will pay for Two cases of the new stuff. The best penny stock in the football hobby market!



2011 Gridiron Gear Highlights

It was a all day event as we busted 16 boxes of 2011 Gridiron Gear Football yesterday. I do like the Panini case breaker deal as I feel special (not yellow bus special) that we get the product one week before major internet retailers. So we busted on day of release. Great collation as there was two autos every box. There memorabilia was pretty sweet as well. Lots of stuff numbered to 50 or less, multi colors, vets, and legend possibilities. My only riff with it is the pull out cards. I know its a staple to the product but to me i don't need to pull out my auto. The less movement on my cards the better. They also damn near had them sign with the fattest possibly sharpie they could come across.


2011 Certified Highlights!

Its Baaaaack! Certified football was pushed back several times. Its one of my favorite football products on the year! In fact it was mojobreaks first group break for football! This year the rookies are better and they seemed to add a little more color to the patches. We busted an 8 box case this past monday (yes day of release) and were very pleased. Its enough killer with very little filler. I love breaking products that do not have a ton of base cards. Thats exactly what certified is all about. 10 packs 4 hits! The platinum boxes this year were a little less exciting as all the cards were not numbered like they were last year. There were at least one numbered card per platinum pack. The cards in the platinum packs were all variations which may carry some wieght in some collectors eyes.

We also pulled a black hasselback 1/1 as well! Dont know how much value that is ...my guess would be 25-30 on feebay! We have 2 more 4 box breaks of this stuff coming up and we also purchased more for other breaks. We will be satisfying all your certified needs!

We just put up a Through The Years 3 box football break. Its one box of 2009 sp authentic football, one box of 2010 rookies and stars, and one box of 2011 topps inception. One from every manufacturer. Get yours! Teams have been selling fast