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2012 Topps Archives Super Groovy!

Want to own a Kobra Kai autograph? Now you can. Topps has amped up 2012 Archives with some late additions. Wax on wax off! Billy Zapka and Martin Kove both from the karate kid have signed dope looking cards! Makes me wanna bust out my Ninja Turtles Lunch pail and yellow sony walkman. The Karate autos will be lucky box loaders. They also announced ten one of one book cards. These will feature 6 autos per book.

They also have picked up on the Har-vish (creative!) hype and inserted Harper and Darvish. They used the 84 Topps design for Harper and 86 Design for Darvish. Sweet looking cards. I'm a fan of the 86 look as i have a few Barry Bonds rookies from that year. The Checklist on this product looks great!

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Absolutely Absolute!










This years absolute football is sure to turn some heads! Great Mix of rookies, veterans and legends. This year they are promising 2 autos numbered to 299 or less and 2 memorabilia pieces numbered to 100 or less! Per Box! More on card autos this year as well!  I think panini will end out the year very strong with this realease coupled with crown royale. Dont forget Certified football and National treasures right around the corner.

Panini has been receiving alot of criticism lately with recent releases. We seem to always have consistent cases and boxes with panini. I think this product is well researched and will follow up on this years rookies and stars success but with better hits! The thing about panini is they seem to care a little more about there products. They are way more consistent with there hits than topps. Quality is also key with panini. There cards come less damaged compared to topps.

We are doing a 6 BOX BREAK of 2011 Absolute Football. GET YOURS HERE

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Timeless Treasures Football ! Break This Weekend!



We get this product one week before blowout! With Paninis new agreement Case Breakers get product 7 days before internet retailers! So we can bust this product this weekend! Instant gratification!

The break is for 10 boxes making each spot affordable! Spots have been selling like mad so get yours now! Great mix of legends, Vets and rookies

- 3 Autographs Seq. #ed to 499 or less and/or Memorabilia Cards Seq. #ed to 250 or less (at least one autograph) per tin


Find one or more of the following:
- Jim Thorpe Material Card sequenced to 25 or less
- Classic Cuts Materials sequenced to 25 or less
- NFL Shields sequenced to 5 or less
- NFL Shield signature sequenced to 5 or less
- On-Card Hall of Fame Signatures or Signatures of: Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton, Adrian Peterson, A.J. Green, Drew Brees, Julio Jones, Peyton Manning, Jake Locker, Philip Rivers, Blaine Gabbert, Tony Romo, Christian Ponder, LaDainian Tomlinson, Mark Ingram, Marshall Faulk, Andy Dalton, Colin Kaepernick, Ryan Williams and/or Mike Leshoure