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Top Five Baseball Teams for a Group Break

Congratulations, you’ve decided to join a group break.  Because your wife somehow got ahold of your last credit card statement and despite that Bryce Harper being numbered “want of one,” the kids are sick of eating ramen noodles.  But that’s okay, because you were somehow able to scrounge up enough money for one spot in a group break.  Now the only question is, what team do you pick in order to get the most bang for your buck?  Obviously you can pick your home town team, but what if your favorite team is the Astros? (Sorry Astros fans, but you know it’s true) Well lucky for you, I’ve gone ahead and put together this list of the best options available when picking teams for a group break.  The results are based on recent eBay sales as well as checklists from recent hot products.


#5) Baltimore Orioles

The Orioles have proven to be a hot commodity lately, thanks in large part to young rookie prospects.  This past week a Manny Machado/Dylan Bundy Heritage Gold refractor sold for just over $600.  The O’s were also lucky enough to sign this Cal Ripken Jr. kid a few years ago and he’s really beginning to pay off for them now and his autos are going strong.  Although Baltimore may not be as prominent on set checklists as other teams on the list, the combination of young prospects and legendary fan favorites have made a worthy investment.

#4) New York Yankees

Despite signing Rip van Winkle to a five year, two hundred million dollar contract this past offseason, Yank cards are still selling strong and featured heavily in many set checklists.  There are 58 different Yankees’ gehrigcards featured in the 2013 Topps Tribute set, which includes 30 different relic/patch cards.  Leading the Evil Empire in card sales is Derek Jeter, as some of his recent Tribute patches have been sold within the $200-300 range.  They’ve been going strong for the last twenty years and there’s still no reason to ignore them now.  Well, besides that it’s the Yankees, but you get my point.

#3) Los Angeles Angels

With so many ball players seemingly taking their talents to Los Angeles lately, the Angels are coming through strong in recent card sales.  However, it’s a combination of the team’s home grown talent and free agent acquisitions that put the Angels on the list.  Yes, I’m talking about Mike Trout and Albert Pujols.  Trout’s and Pujols’ short printed refractors and relics have seen return on investment. The team is fairly decently spread across sets but has a good presence in Topps Gypsy Queen, which features eleven different Angels’ autograph cards.  It will be interesting to see how Angels’ cards fare with the slow start to the season this year

#2) San Francisco Giants

By combining two of the last three World Series titles and some of the most storied players to ever play the game, the Giants have refused to card collectors forget about this franchise.  Hits for the Giants have been spread more evenly across several sets than any other team on the list.  Despite what they’ve accomplished in recent years, today’s players continued to be overshadowed by past Giants, notably Willie Mays whose Topps Heritage real one autograph special edition has recently topped the $600 mark.

#1) Washington Nationals

C’mon, what did you expect?  Of course the Nats are the hottest team to pick right now.  Bryce Harper continues to lead the way in terms of volume for Nationals cards but currently it’s not just his autos and patches that are hot.  While Tribute autos and parallels will surely go big money as they come out, The Washington Senators variation cards featured in this year’s Topps Heritage set are proving to be quite popular as well.  Harper’s Senator’s error variation has been sold for around $600-$700 and Ryan Zimmerman’s Senators Variation have even gone for upwards of $500.  Not bad, considering the Nationals and Senators were never even the same team.

Article by Michael Roche


Epic Case of 2012 Bowman Jumbo

Well Merry Bowman! Its here and it is taken the whole hobby industry by storm! Jumbo cases seem to be the drink of choice and colored refractors seem to be falling more often than hobby cases. Yu Darvish is what is driving this product. Darvishmania? Darvish-mas? Darviculous? Whatever the term is coined this set has the checklist and SP's to drive the price even higher than its already high 170$ price point for jumbo. Some are saying prices may skyrocket to 250-300$. We are one Darvish injury away from not rising. This product has more than just Darvish though. Notable autos that are big are: Gerrit Cole, Anthony Rendon, Bryce Harper, Cespedes, Bichette Jr and so much more! They also have the lucky redemptions. They are selling well and we dont even now who lucky #3 is. Great job by Topps. Here is our 8 Box Case Break. I dont think anyone can top it....Not going to spoil it. I am going to direct you here to get into another epic break


Exciting times for the hobby in 2012

Prestige FB Case Preselling NOW!

CBS couldnt be more wrong with there recent expose that the hobby is dead. The old way of doing the hobby is dead. This is 2012 and social media/ebay is what drives this market. See the expose here. This isnt new news to some but i wanted to use the story to segway in to the great things that are going on for this hobby in 2012. The old way of trading like in Parsippany NY (shown in expose) is dead. CBS should also point to how ebay/amazon has taken sales from certain industries. Its not a revelation that alot/most things are bought on the internet. The internet works for things that dont have to be tried on and or touched. Trading cards are easy to ship and you dont have to try them on. Trying on a trading card would be super wierd. You could make a trading card jacket like that topps guy. So show dealers have moved to ebay. This isnt a kids hobby and thats what the story shouldve been on. The "meat" of the hobby is the rediculous 1/1 patch auto that everyone dreams of you look at box breaks and checklist on line now and that's what creates excitement! I just pulled my first personal superfractor the other day and the dopimine rush was crazy. I rank the feeling up to the feeling i got when Brian Wilson got that last strike to beat the Texas Rangers and win the Giants a World Series in 2010. My girlfriend has that on video somewhere. Maybe ill share someday.

2012 Football is going to be nuts! Last year there was Cam. This year its like there are 2 guys as big as cam. Luck and RG3. RG3 is the real deal. Im thinking this guy is the messiah to the Redskins. I laughed when they traded away so much for the spot. After hearing his interview i was thoroughly impressed with his smarts. He seems to have the athleticism, smarts, and leadership ability. Suddenly the redskins are now relevant in the group break world! Andrew Luck has been touted for years. I personally think it was Harbaugh's system that helped Luck thrive. After seeing what Harbaugh did with Alex Smith last year I'm eating what Harbaugh is serving. Who's got it better than us? Not the colts . What i do think is that Luck will have this year to follow flat on his face. They brought in Fleener for familiarity. Teams will be put Luck on his back especially with no running game in Indy. If the Colts go 5-11 or better i think Luck's value on his cards are safe. This years products with first rookie cards kick off with 2012 Bowman Signatures Football and 2012 Panini Prestige Football. 2012 Bowman Signatures promised 5 autos and is already highly allocated. Our allocation got cut severely. This point in the season all these rookies are like lottery tickets. They have one good game ( ala randall cobb) and they can double/triple in value. Since they havent played there is hope for every team. Once there team gets knocked out or they havent played (injury) there value drops signifigantly. No one once to invest in Jordan Todman. 2012 Panini Prestige is coming out right after Bowman Sigs. Panini's strategy is "Rookies in there NFL Uniform" which is a big selling feature. The checklist seems stacked as they've secured all the big names. Last years prestige flopped. Partly due to the NFL lockout. Lets hope this one is a home run. It promises 2 autos and 2 mem pieces. The big 2 players will obviously carry both these products. The other rookies that will be hot will be all the other "skill postion" players: Trent Richardson, Ryan Tannenhill, Weeden, Martin, Fleener, Jenkins, Quick, Pead, Lamichael. Cant wait for the announcement of the rookie premiere because that shoot is so important to everyone who buys FB products

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2011 Prime Cuts Baseball Thoughts and Review

Start this post off by saying im in the middle when it comes to 2011 Prime Cuts Baseball. There seems to be alot of complaining about the prospect side of the product. I guess when you think of Prime Cuts as a product you think old school legends. Some people are getting some really terrible boxes. Like any other product there is hit and miss. Some people are striking out so bad on there box and getting like 15 dollars of value in there box. To defend Panini a little bit. To have really high end cut autos (Ty Cobb), and rare mem pieces (Shoeless Joe) they have to put out a lot of coin. So to make money as a company for every thousand they spend on high end they have to have a thousand spent on prospect autos. So in my opinion they have a set thats high risk high reward.  Which will produce really high end hits. Some may sell for thousands. To put it in contrast take for example Museum Collection. You will get mostly pretty average hits. You will not get that wholly hell hit. It obviously worked in that product. Its like you can buy a Ferrari with your 250,000 or you can buy a BMW, Corvette, Viper, and Escalade for your 250,000. I hope that makes sense. Obviously that is one mans opinion. They wanted a grand slam! Who knows if this products prospect class lights it up a few years from now you're looking at a very sought after product. We only were able to get a snapshot of the product by opening three boxes. One box was pretty bad and the two others were amazing. Check out card below

As you can see that is one hell of a legend card its numbered to 25! In the same box we got a Jose Bautista on card nickname auto /25. So that box wouldve paid for itself and the bad box. The other 3 cards were a Kershaw jumbo jersey and 2 prospect autos. The last box of the break produced this crazy booklet

Junior is in the building! This one is numbered to 10 and is great. Bob went six to midnight when he got it! So we went 2 for 3 on boxes. My review is a little jaded. It all depends on what you get. I think all in all its a decent product. Beings that they dont have a license they made you kind of forget about it. They did a good job making sure it wasnt blatantly obvious like in 2011 Elite Baseball.