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Mojobreak Sports Card Show Episode 8 is available for download!

So Dan and Doug go back to the studio to record another gem of a podcast! Well at least thats what we think. See for yourself download from itunes now or follow this link


Action filled episode as we talk about Marquee, Chrome, The leaf lawsuit, doug flutie, randall cobb and running naked with raccoons! Check out there are sure to be some knee slappers! There maybe something for free mixed in to the podcast so go check it out!


                                                                                                              Heck yea new podcast!


Highlights From Marquee Case Chrome Baseball

Theres something to be said about anticipation. Certain things in life i cant wait for. Madden, Football Season, Giants Opening day, Fantasy football etc etc. This year Marquee was added to that list. It showed alot of promise on the sell sheet. Looked like Tribute version 2! We ordered 18 boxes of it. 3 weeks ago we were called and was told that topps cut the allocation by almostg 30 percent. We thought wow! this product is going to be awesome! The anticipation built up even more! It was like a fat kid waiting in a cold stone line. We wound up getting our hands on 13 boxes due to allocation. Then came last nights break

   I kind of compare our case to a subway sandwich. Good not bad but standard. Your not going to go on yelp and write a review about how good your subway club was. You go there because you will get fed. Marquee was suitable in that it quenched the hunger. What it didnt do was knock socks off like everyone expected it to do. We will be reviewing this in podcast 8 (coming out in a few days). I would of liked it to be that mouth watering steak that left me questioning ...Was this the greatest meal ive had? Thats what happens when you get your hopes up. Kind of like all my trips to vegas. The more fun part is dreaming of what your going to do when you get there. Only to come home hungover, circles under your eyes and with thousands of dollars missing from your savings. Oh well i guess thats what happens when you anticipate too much.

Overall i think our case was strong. I was dissapointed in the on card autos. It was a coalation of less than subpar rookies that can barely hold chromes rookies jock strap. Tyson ross? Brett wallace? cmon topps...we'd rather have autos of miguel tejada...least he won a mvp! Where they did knock it out of the park was in the museum collection! Dope Card! Uniqueness to the max!

Topps does in fact have a winner in 2011 topps chrome. Love the design, love the auto selection, love the inserts, and love there sepia! Great compared to st louis arches that came from last years product. Plus no more powdery substance on the cards this year. Last year it seemed like the cards came from darryl strawberrys secret drawer if you know what i mean....We killed the break got a 1/1, pineda, freeman auto, two reds, and two very sweet usa redemptions that we randomed.

Kudos to topps chrome!


Topps marque break OUT TODAY! BREAK SOLD OUT

Well theres been some big anticipation for Topps Marquee. Good Mix of legends and some current players sprinkled with some rookie stuff. Looking at some early breaks of this stuff it is killer killer no filler. Topps cut prodcution run by nearly 40% so that there is hardly any redemptions and every box is as loaded as possible. They have Mantle, Koufax, Bench, Blyleven, Mattingly, Morgan, Ricky, Larkin. They also have Pineda, Ichiro, Pujols, Hamilton...big star? its in here!

We have teams left and 6 box case is in hand!

Teams available

We can do break as soon as these teams sell!

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