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Exciting times for the hobby in 2012

Prestige FB Case Preselling NOW!

CBS couldnt be more wrong with there recent expose that the hobby is dead. The old way of doing the hobby is dead. This is 2012 and social media/ebay is what drives this market. See the expose here. This isnt new news to some but i wanted to use the story to segway in to the great things that are going on for this hobby in 2012. The old way of trading like in Parsippany NY (shown in expose) is dead. CBS should also point to how ebay/amazon has taken sales from certain industries. Its not a revelation that alot/most things are bought on the internet. The internet works for things that dont have to be tried on and or touched. Trading cards are easy to ship and you dont have to try them on. Trying on a trading card would be super wierd. You could make a trading card jacket like that topps guy. So show dealers have moved to ebay. This isnt a kids hobby and thats what the story shouldve been on. The "meat" of the hobby is the rediculous 1/1 patch auto that everyone dreams of you look at box breaks and checklist on line now and that's what creates excitement! I just pulled my first personal superfractor the other day and the dopimine rush was crazy. I rank the feeling up to the feeling i got when Brian Wilson got that last strike to beat the Texas Rangers and win the Giants a World Series in 2010. My girlfriend has that on video somewhere. Maybe ill share someday.

2012 Football is going to be nuts! Last year there was Cam. This year its like there are 2 guys as big as cam. Luck and RG3. RG3 is the real deal. Im thinking this guy is the messiah to the Redskins. I laughed when they traded away so much for the spot. After hearing his interview i was thoroughly impressed with his smarts. He seems to have the athleticism, smarts, and leadership ability. Suddenly the redskins are now relevant in the group break world! Andrew Luck has been touted for years. I personally think it was Harbaugh's system that helped Luck thrive. After seeing what Harbaugh did with Alex Smith last year I'm eating what Harbaugh is serving. Who's got it better than us? Not the colts . What i do think is that Luck will have this year to follow flat on his face. They brought in Fleener for familiarity. Teams will be put Luck on his back especially with no running game in Indy. If the Colts go 5-11 or better i think Luck's value on his cards are safe. This years products with first rookie cards kick off with 2012 Bowman Signatures Football and 2012 Panini Prestige Football. 2012 Bowman Signatures promised 5 autos and is already highly allocated. Our allocation got cut severely. This point in the season all these rookies are like lottery tickets. They have one good game ( ala randall cobb) and they can double/triple in value. Since they havent played there is hope for every team. Once there team gets knocked out or they havent played (injury) there value drops signifigantly. No one once to invest in Jordan Todman. 2012 Panini Prestige is coming out right after Bowman Sigs. Panini's strategy is "Rookies in there NFL Uniform" which is a big selling feature. The checklist seems stacked as they've secured all the big names. Last years prestige flopped. Partly due to the NFL lockout. Lets hope this one is a home run. It promises 2 autos and 2 mem pieces. The big 2 players will obviously carry both these products. The other rookies that will be hot will be all the other "skill postion" players: Trent Richardson, Ryan Tannenhill, Weeden, Martin, Fleener, Jenkins, Quick, Pead, Lamichael. Cant wait for the announcement of the rookie premiere because that shoot is so important to everyone who buys FB products

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2011 Contenders Football Review and Highlights

One of the most anticipated football releases has arrived! Its here and all your popular forums are lit up with talk of this quintessential auto release of the year. The big topic on everyone's mind is which ones are SP's? Could it be clever marketing that Panini has not yet released the checklist of SP's ? Ebay sellers  are seizing the oppurtunity by putting SP in there listings and getting a premium price for it. Who knows when the actual list will get released.

from mojobreak's 12 box case break

 Base set/Inserts/ and design

The overall design is very solid. Last year was a little to busy in my opinion. Like the 2012 camry ... 2011 contenders football design got a complete overhaul. Modern with sharp looking insignia's and markings really show off the rookies debut game. I dislike how they still have some guys in rookie premiere jerseys. Jerel Jerrigan is wearing number 3, Ryan Williams is wearing 00, and so on and so forth.  I do realize that on card autos are hard to come by. Maybe im a big Jerel Jerrigan collector and want a card with him wearing his real jersey. I'd like to know how many autos these premiere guys signed between Topps and Panini. Talk about carpel tunnel. I just want to know when they are going to realize that Jordan Todman is on the practice squad and we could all do without another one of his autos. Homeboy has signed alot. The Superbowl ticket inserts are pretty pimping and a great set to collect. Love how they have each superbowls logo.

Peterson Fetching Solid Coin on the bay


Our case had 64 autos! They promise only 4 autos per box but our case averaged 5.3 per box. We got at least one on card auto in every box sometimes two. It didn't take long to realize that all the on card autos are guys from the premiere. The great thing about this product is the guys that havent been in alot or any products. Guys like Patrick Peterson, Aldon Smith, DJ Williams, Dan Bailey, Alex Henery, Doug Baldwin, Jackie Battle and more make this exciting and great for team collectors.


You can pick up a box for 140-150 and even at that its a great value. Especially compared to some of the crap thats been put out this year. This years rookie class is amazing. Contenders over the years has had some extremely valuable rookie autos. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady's rookie auto will pay for Two cases of the new stuff. The best penny stock in the football hobby market!



2011 Limited Football Review Initial Thoughts



With all the madness of 2011 Limited product delays i think Panini has silenced me. They got it right! I’d like to think the reason this product took so long is they chiseled it out of rock. Meaning all the heads and wigs at Panini got together and said ” lets put out a product that isnt watered down that collectors will like!”….hmm what a concept! Its hard to not get pissed or angry at every watered down product that comes out thats like the last one but “slightly” different. What panini did here is give you three quality hits. Quality over quantity. Yeah you can push out a product that gives you 6 hits for 90 bucks. You will wind up with Akeem Ayers, Julian Thomas, and a whole lot of Todman autos. This is not what limited is. They focused on Football as whole. Not just rookies. This product in 5 boxes we pulled : Jerry rice patch, Dan fouts patch, Julio Jones auto patch, Matt schaub auto and more. Thats more vets and legends that i see in most of the past products cases!

Nothing mind blowing here but you will get the following in each box: 1 vet, 1 Legend, and 1 Rookie. There also numbered to 499 or less! Dont know what kind of value that means but its nice to see a diverse base set. Its a step in the right direction for Panini and there collectability with base sets.

The rookie phenom set is very nice! They definitely hit the mark with on card 4 color patch autos of this years rookie premiere guys. They took what was decent in certified and absolute and stepped it up a notch. Sticker autos are still present but we got two in 6 boxes and one was a Matt Schaub /50 and the other was Roy Helu /199 so for sticker autos those arent bad. Im sure there is 6th 7th round guys on the checklist that we avoided.

You know this is what got me excited about this product. While busting our 5 boxes there was a ton of color! Very diverse list of mem piece subjects. Panini is bringing mem pieces back! I can see a Justin Timberlake like song being made to the tune of that. Just kidding no one likes JT….i mean JT who? Seriously though i didnt think i was going to dig the basic square in the middle jersey design…But for some reason Panini really hit the mark with it this time around. They absolutely made me throw up in my mouth with it on Timeless Treasures. They made me go 6 to midnight with it in this product. The rookie jumbo patches are absolutely beastly!

For 3 hits your getting a real decent value here. More than likely only one auto but the color you get notches up the collectability here. I can see you getting 30 -40% on average of your investment back. Get a big Newton, Rodgers, or Rice the skys the limit!

The Uniqueness lies within the diverse checklist. I havent seen it done so eloquently as they did it with this product


2011 Elite is coming! This Friday

One way to be different amongst all the football products you put out is to release a baseball product. Wha? Panini makes a baseball product? Believe it or not they do. No its not football rookie premier guys in baseball uniforms. Donruss Elite Extra Edition is always a fun product. For 70-100 bucks you get at least 6 autographs per box break. They also have hot boxes that fall every 5th box that have 10 autos! If your like me and love prospects elite 2011 is your new addiction! I still buy the random 2010 box of elite when I'm at the distributor. The checklist for 2011 Elite Extra Edition is pretty stacked. I think this years rookie class is great: Starling, Bradley, Bauer, Jungman ...just to name a few. They are all in this product! What i like about elite is you can here about a hot prospect 2 years from now and look for their auto on ebay and its only in elite products so far. Panini gets a ton of prospects to sign. Like stocks some of them rise in value! We are doing a 10 box break on friday and we have some good teams left! Check the buy spots area to get some mojo! 70 autos!

Photos courtesy of panini's blog the knights lance Mojobreak Elite 10 box Break