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2012 Panini Prestige to Kick off NFL Trading Cards


The top rookies of the 2012 NFL season will make there NFL trading card official uniform debut June 20th when 2012 Panini Prestige gets released. The set looks fantastic and has a checklist that everyone will drool over. Im excited and cant wait for our two 12 box case breaks that we have coming up.

The first NFL  set that will feature RGIII, Andrew Luck, and Trent Richardson in there NFL Uniforms. Tons of on card autos here. Last years prestige fell at the mercy of the NFL lock out. This years with enough planning it seems to be on track for being a winner.

Key Features

  • -4 different sub sets of rookie driven on card signatures
    -Non Rookie Premiere signers including Morris Claiborne, Matt Kalil, Dre Kirkpatrick, Melvin Ingram, Mark Barron, David Wilson, Lamar Miller and more
    -Each 24 pack box will feature 4 hits. At least 2 autographs. 24 rookie cards
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2012 Topps Archives Super Groovy!

Want to own a Kobra Kai autograph? Now you can. Topps has amped up 2012 Archives with some late additions. Wax on wax off! Billy Zapka and Martin Kove both from the karate kid have signed dope looking cards! Makes me wanna bust out my Ninja Turtles Lunch pail and yellow sony walkman. The Karate autos will be lucky box loaders. They also announced ten one of one book cards. These will feature 6 autos per book.

They also have picked up on the Har-vish (creative!) hype and inserted Harper and Darvish. They used the 84 Topps design for Harper and 86 Design for Darvish. Sweet looking cards. I'm a fan of the 86 look as i have a few Barry Bonds rookies from that year. The Checklist on this product looks great!

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Epic Case of 2012 Bowman Jumbo

Well Merry Bowman! Its here and it is taken the whole hobby industry by storm! Jumbo cases seem to be the drink of choice and colored refractors seem to be falling more often than hobby cases. Yu Darvish is what is driving this product. Darvishmania? Darvish-mas? Darviculous? Whatever the term is coined this set has the checklist and SP's to drive the price even higher than its already high 170$ price point for jumbo. Some are saying prices may skyrocket to 250-300$. We are one Darvish injury away from not rising. This product has more than just Darvish though. Notable autos that are big are: Gerrit Cole, Anthony Rendon, Bryce Harper, Cespedes, Bichette Jr and so much more! They also have the lucky redemptions. They are selling well and we dont even now who lucky #3 is. Great job by Topps. Here is our 8 Box Case Break. I dont think anyone can top it....Not going to spoil it. I am going to direct you here to get into another epic break


2011 Contenders Football Review and Highlights

One of the most anticipated football releases has arrived! Its here and all your popular forums are lit up with talk of this quintessential auto release of the year. The big topic on everyone's mind is which ones are SP's? Could it be clever marketing that Panini has not yet released the checklist of SP's ? Ebay sellers  are seizing the oppurtunity by putting SP in there listings and getting a premium price for it. Who knows when the actual list will get released.

from mojobreak's 12 box case break

 Base set/Inserts/ and design

The overall design is very solid. Last year was a little to busy in my opinion. Like the 2012 camry ... 2011 contenders football design got a complete overhaul. Modern with sharp looking insignia's and markings really show off the rookies debut game. I dislike how they still have some guys in rookie premiere jerseys. Jerel Jerrigan is wearing number 3, Ryan Williams is wearing 00, and so on and so forth.  I do realize that on card autos are hard to come by. Maybe im a big Jerel Jerrigan collector and want a card with him wearing his real jersey. I'd like to know how many autos these premiere guys signed between Topps and Panini. Talk about carpel tunnel. I just want to know when they are going to realize that Jordan Todman is on the practice squad and we could all do without another one of his autos. Homeboy has signed alot. The Superbowl ticket inserts are pretty pimping and a great set to collect. Love how they have each superbowls logo.

Peterson Fetching Solid Coin on the bay


Our case had 64 autos! They promise only 4 autos per box but our case averaged 5.3 per box. We got at least one on card auto in every box sometimes two. It didn't take long to realize that all the on card autos are guys from the premiere. The great thing about this product is the guys that havent been in alot or any products. Guys like Patrick Peterson, Aldon Smith, DJ Williams, Dan Bailey, Alex Henery, Doug Baldwin, Jackie Battle and more make this exciting and great for team collectors.


You can pick up a box for 140-150 and even at that its a great value. Especially compared to some of the crap thats been put out this year. This years rookie class is amazing. Contenders over the years has had some extremely valuable rookie autos. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady's rookie auto will pay for Two cases of the new stuff. The best penny stock in the football hobby market!