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Absolutely Absolute!










This years absolute football is sure to turn some heads! Great Mix of rookies, veterans and legends. This year they are promising 2 autos numbered to 299 or less and 2 memorabilia pieces numbered to 100 or less! Per Box! More on card autos this year as well!  I think panini will end out the year very strong with this realease coupled with crown royale. Dont forget Certified football and National treasures right around the corner.

Panini has been receiving alot of criticism lately with recent releases. We seem to always have consistent cases and boxes with panini. I think this product is well researched and will follow up on this years rookies and stars success but with better hits! The thing about panini is they seem to care a little more about there products. They are way more consistent with there hits than topps. Quality is also key with panini. There cards come less damaged compared to topps.

We are doing a 6 BOX BREAK of 2011 Absolute Football. GET YOURS HERE

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Mojobreak Sports Card Show Episode 8 is available for download!

So Dan and Doug go back to the studio to record another gem of a podcast! Well at least thats what we think. See for yourself download from itunes now or follow this link


Action filled episode as we talk about Marquee, Chrome, The leaf lawsuit, doug flutie, randall cobb and running naked with raccoons! Check out there are sure to be some knee slappers! There maybe something for free mixed in to the podcast so go check it out!


                                                                                                              Heck yea new podcast!


Triple Threads 2011 Baseball On Sale!!!

Wouldnt you like to have a card like this? Triple Threads always amazes with beautiful hits and low numbered autos. We are doing a 9 box case break of this stuff and theres still some good teams left! We lowered our prices per spots so we can sell the remaining...also add discount code mojoten for an additional ten percent off. Product is due out next week.

Purchase spots here