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2012 Topps Archives Super Groovy!

Want to own a Kobra Kai autograph? Now you can. Topps has amped up 2012 Archives with some late additions. Wax on wax off! Billy Zapka and Martin Kove both from the karate kid have signed dope looking cards! Makes me wanna bust out my Ninja Turtles Lunch pail and yellow sony walkman. The Karate autos will be lucky box loaders. They also announced ten one of one book cards. These will feature 6 autos per book.

They also have picked up on the Har-vish (creative!) hype and inserted Harper and Darvish. They used the 84 Topps design for Harper and 86 Design for Darvish. Sweet looking cards. I'm a fan of the 86 look as i have a few Barry Bonds rookies from that year. The Checklist on this product looks great!

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2011 Elite is coming! This Friday

One way to be different amongst all the football products you put out is to release a baseball product. Wha? Panini makes a baseball product? Believe it or not they do. No its not football rookie premier guys in baseball uniforms. Donruss Elite Extra Edition is always a fun product. For 70-100 bucks you get at least 6 autographs per box break. They also have hot boxes that fall every 5th box that have 10 autos! If your like me and love prospects elite 2011 is your new addiction! I still buy the random 2010 box of elite when I'm at the distributor. The checklist for 2011 Elite Extra Edition is pretty stacked. I think this years rookie class is great: Starling, Bradley, Bauer, Jungman ...just to name a few. They are all in this product! What i like about elite is you can here about a hot prospect 2 years from now and look for their auto on ebay and its only in elite products so far. Panini gets a ton of prospects to sign. Like stocks some of them rise in value! We are doing a 10 box break on friday and we have some good teams left! Check the buy spots area to get some mojo! 70 autos!

Photos courtesy of panini's blog the knights lance Mojobreak Elite 10 box Break


2011 Triple Threads Ridiculousness

Very similar to the Rob Dyrdek show was our 9 box case of triple threads football! It started off very slow with way too many niners. I loved it but for a group break you want to see some variety. Boxes one through four was very vanilla. The Ridiculousness started in box 5 with a triple auto

Yep that is first rounders triple mojo! Its spot 1-2-3 to be exact. Cam newton is obviously the big draw here but Miller is no schlub. I think hes locked up Defensive rookie of the year. So came box 6 as Dan took over. Dan has been killing on football lately. His hot streak continued as he started off with an Urlacher numbered to 3, then came a Tony Dorsett relic auto numbered to 50, and followed by a Earl Campbell relic auto numbered to 10. Just when we thought Dan had peaked (not litterally) he gets the most epic threads box we've seen this year. It had two BOOKS! We knew it once we took the packs out of the mini boxes. Super fatty packs! So book one was a Dan marino! Book two was one of the best non cut autos you can pull in the product! Picture Speaks for it self. Oklahoma fans rejoice!

Frickin sweet! We did the random live and the vikings won! Congrats Chuck!


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2011 Gridiron Gear Highlights

It was a all day event as we busted 16 boxes of 2011 Gridiron Gear Football yesterday. I do like the Panini case breaker deal as I feel special (not yellow bus special) that we get the product one week before major internet retailers. So we busted on day of release. Great collation as there was two autos every box. There memorabilia was pretty sweet as well. Lots of stuff numbered to 50 or less, multi colors, vets, and legend possibilities. My only riff with it is the pull out cards. I know its a staple to the product but to me i don't need to pull out my auto. The less movement on my cards the better. They also damn near had them sign with the fattest possibly sharpie they could come across.