How it all works

Group Breaks are an affordable way to collect Sports Cards for a fraction of the cost of buying a case/box

Our site makes it very simple to find your favorite team(s) and purchase them

Make an account to keep up with your purchases

You will receive all cards from your team (Autos, Mem, Base, Inserts) unless otherwise noted on particular break page

What will happen is find the group break your interested in

Once added to cart you can shop more or checkout

You will then get a receipt

(Q)What happens after I buy?

A) If a break is a presale (meaning product hasn't been released) look to see when release date is with manufacture or on popular sites like blowout cards.Look on the schedule on the right side of the site and that will indicate when your break will be

(Q) Where and when is the break?

A) MOJOBREAK.COM's breaks are always live! Its an event! The live stream is at  you are notified with a live date and time 12-24 hours before break. If your schedule permits videos are recorded there and at our YouTube Page .

(Q) What happens if I don't get a card?

A.) That is a very good question and one we get alot. Most of our breaks have base cards so you will get all those shipped to you. If you go hitless in a break of $25 or more we will send you a $5 Site Credit

(Q) Why are teams all priced differently?

A.) In a team style break some teams are more desirable than others based on what players are on the checklist. Mojo has done all the research ahead of time to price teams out. Teams with the best selling players tend to be higher. Less desirable teams doesn't necessarily mean you wont get a huge hit. We have several people that like to pick up the last five teams and sometimes they walk out with the best value and hit.

(Q) Do you guys keep any teams?

A.) No. We look at this as a service we are providing. We want to be completely transparent. By owning team(s) we feel we would sacrifice that transparency. We have no problem filling breaks. The less desirable teams will go on sale so keep your eye on the site. The best way to find out when new breaks get posted is to follow us on twitter @mojobreak_com or on facebook

Styles of Breaks

Team Break - Simple Pick your Team and you get all cards from your team. Prices vary per team
Random Break -  All prices are same and your purchase entitles you to one randomized team. Teams are randomized live using
Random Groupings Break Similar to above. Except the break is broken down into groups and random done live.
Draft Style This one is fun! We random all names (purchases) and then on our forum one by one everyone picks there favorite team till its done
Hit Style Blast as well! Every spot purchased guarantees you a hit. We will do it all live. Once box is opened we will random the hits with the purchasers.

Please notice these in the style of each group break.

7. Dual or Triples with multiple teams - if we pull a card similar to the one below.

We will use live to determine its owner. To avoid the random generator you will have to own 66% or more of the card. In the case of the card below you would have  to have two of the teams on the card (ie panthers and broncos) to avoid going to the random. Strategy is key if you want to look at some pre checklist of the sets for some of the duals. When using the random generator your name will go into the random based on the number of spots you purchased. So lets say the in the case of the card below. Ralph bought the Panthers, Niners, Saints and Falcons (he gets his name in the generator 4 timesTim bought the Broncos and Rams (he gets his name in 2 times) and Jose bought the Bills (he gets his name in 1 time) So 7 spots will go into the generator like this

Results after 3 randoms

So tim is the winner and as you can see there is a timestamp to promote authenticity! What this system does is give everyone a shot at the card but gives people incentive to pick up more teams. In the instance that a quad is pulled and you have two players on the card 50% your names will be doubled in the generator

After Break - Please allow 5-10 business days to recieve cards. We ship Usps and all your hits (jerseys, auto, low numbered) get put in penny sleeves, toploaders, and teambags. They (hits) then get shipped in bubble mailers first class. You will be notified via payment method with tracking number. Packages valued a little bit higher will be sent with signature confirmation required. In breaks where there are alot of base cards we will ship all the base cards out seperately in 100-200 count cardboard. So in large breaks you will recieve hits first and base a week after. Sorting sometimes takes ahwile!


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