The “Wheel of Mojo” Returns!


Announcing the Wheel of Mojo promo, exclusive to MojoOnDemand (MojoMinnesota) and beginning Monday, June 5th!

At the beginning of every Mojo On Demand broadcast, a dice roll will determine how many spins of the Wheel of Mojo will be awarded during Bonus Time at the end of the broadcast (from 2 to 12 spins per day). We’ll advertise the number of spins throughout the broadcast! And every individual box ordered from Mojo On Demand (MojoMinnesota location only) qualifies customers for an entry into the daily randomizer during Bonus Time. Box Battles, Hit Splits, and Pack Attack spots all qualify! And free spots into the Bonus Time giveawaywill be given away at random too! 

 There are three types of bonus prizes available for all Wheel winners:

Free Pack(s), Mystery Hit(s), and MOD Giveaway entries.

 If you win pack(s) or mystery hit(s), we’ll ship these hobby packs as sealed with regular orders. Weekly and monthly sweepstakes prizes are awarded randomly during Bonus Time on Fridays (and at the last Friday of the month), based on all eligible entries received and prizes remaining in inventory.

All non-winning Weekly Sweepstakes entries will be entered into a consolation hobby box, awarded during the last Bonus Time of the Month.

You do not need to be present to participate or to win a prize.

Don’t wait! Join the fun today! Click here for personal boxes!

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