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Where can i watch break ?
All breaks and Videos can be found on our Youtube Page , You do not have to be present for any of our breaks. Videos are available immediately after break. Sometimes videos may not upload correctly. You can find your break in the entire day stream which is on youtube as well

How long does it take to get my cards?
Cards will take 3-5 business to leave one of our facilities. If a break is on Wednesday the deadline to leave our facilities is the Following Thursday. Most instances card will leave much sooner but keep in mind it can take up to 5 business days as sorting and packing does take a good amount of time for our shipping staff. You will receive a tracking number through your email once cards have left. Keep in mind we have 3 Locations and packages will leave at different times. There is a chance you could get a later break before a earlier break due to different locations.

I’m International how much does it cost to ship?
We ship international free! International will take up to 14 business days to leave our facility. If you would like to pay for expedited shipping please contact as below and we can send link for payment

Can i ship my cards after the break to my friend ?
Unfortunately all cards have to be shipped to address you checked out with. This protects us and you.

When will my break be opened?
Every break is scheduled HERE . We do often pre sale breaks. Make sure before you buy that you are aware of the release date of product.  We are not responsible for manufactures delay on releasing product.

What happens if i don’t get a card?
Based on terms and conditions at check out you are purchasing a link to watch a video. We ship all base cards (unless stated in listing of break) .

What happens if a break doesn’t fill
Fortunately all of our break are guaranteed to fill. We’ve been breaking for 10  years and they always do. Rest assured if its posted and you buy a spot it will break



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