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Mojobreak was created when two sports card enthusiasts realized that they could turn their love for sports cards into a business. Everyone says you should follow your passion and that is exactly what Dan and Doug decided to do. The two budding entrepreneurs looked to bring new energy & ideas to the sports card industry, so they took their love of trading cards and started building their business from the ground up. They brought the excitement of opening new cards by live streaming “breaks”, opening new packs and cases of cards on the  internet, something that very few in the industry were doing at the time. Getting to touch and see the “Mojo” is what drives, and over 10 years later there’s still nothing like pulling a one of a kind card live on camera!

The modern sports cards world can be very expensive, so Mojobreak makes the hobby more affordable! Cases of cards can cost thousands of dollars, so Mojobreak divides breaks up by teams so you can pick your favorite squad at a fraction of the price! So if all you want to collect are Yankee cards, then group breaking is the right option for you!


We put the customer FIRST! We want our customers to keep coming back and to spread the word about how much they love Mojobreak! If you ever have questions about your order or you had an unsatisfactory experience, please contact us. We will do everything in our power to make things right and keep our loyal customers happy. We both come from a customer service background, so we know that the customer is always right! We are nothing without you!

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Customer Support Line (855) 466-5627

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Most of our product is pre-orders. Once we receive the product and break it, cards will ship within a week from our facility. You will be provided with a tracking number and in some cases signature confirmation (depending on value).

PRIVACY POLICY does not sell your information. We only use your information to ship you the products you have purchased.