2024 Super Bowl Squares Promo Breaks

Collection: 2024 Super Bowl Squares Promo Breaks

Its that time of year again! Super Bowl Squares are back at mojo! Join in on any break that is titled SB and get a guaranteed super bowl square for the big game on February 11th. The more spots you buy the better your chances are. There will be 13-17 Total square grids. Grids will be sporadically done and posted here before the game. 4th Quarter represents final score so if it goes to overtime it will be the final score for 4th quarter prize. All 4th quarter winners will be put into a randomizer Monday after the game to determine the $5000 in credit winner! Good luck and enjoy the game. Doug is pulling for the 6th RING!

HERE IS LINK TO SQUARE GRIDS - We will completing them sporadically. All will be finished by the time of the game  



Navigating the list you can you can use Command F(Mac) or Control F (PC) to search your name. Names are first part of your email. Second Column is break number. Third Column is Square Grid Number. Tabs on bottom represent the finished or upcoming square grids. If names are on grid then its finished 

2024 Super Bowl Square Prizes
Grand Prize - $5,000 in Break Credit - Entry from every square (Final Score for Grand Prize)
1st Quarter - 2023 Goodwin Champs Box
2nd Quarter - 2 Boxes of 2023 Topps Chrome Logofractor Boxes
3rd Quarter - 2021/22 Contenders Optic NBA Hobby Box + $100 Credit
4th Quarter (Final Score) - Two 2023 Goodwin Champs Boxes + Entry in to win $5000 in Break credit

Don't Know How Super Bowl Squares Works? Check Out This Site For An Explanation! Click Here

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